Mother Nature Ruined My Picnic

This weekend didn’t go as planned and it was terrible weather. Thanks a lot Mother Nature. My parents came to visit Friday and stayed over. I went to the gym after work and had a great workout. We did deadlifts and my legs still feel it. After the workout I headed home and we went out for a family dinner and had such a nice time.  The food was delicious and there was a band and everyone was signing along. It was a lot of fun after a stressful week. 

I also used the night out to wear my new jumpsuit for the first time. 

j’s not a fan but i feel super cute in it
 Saturday morning I had an event planned at my work that we spent a long time planning. It was an outdoor picnic for over 700 people and it rained. Not just showers but a constant hard rain. I was completely soaked for hours and we ended up having to cancel it. It was very sad. The rest of the day was spent relaxing and napping. 

I was ready to go out and have a few drinks Saturday night which is just what we did. I got myself ready and prettied up from being a drowned rat earlier in the day.  Sunday morning we got up and grabbed breakfast and I had a nice lazy morning. A bunch of people were at my gym training so I went in and did the workout that I missed Saturday. It was killer.  

  I felt amazing after I was done. It was a tough one and I finished in just over 36 minutes. I did it by myself while the others In the gym were lifting. Then I met a friend for coffee and did some groceries. 

We have some more family fun planned for tonight so I am going to spend the rest of my day cozy and relaxed. Happy Sunday friends xoxox

Did you have a rainy weekend where you are? 


No Gym, No Problem

I had a rough Tuesday night and an even tougher Wednesday. It wasn’t a good day. I was emotional and sick over it. Nothing I want to get into and bore you with but I wasn’t feeling good about myself and I couldn’t wait to get to the gym and sweat out my emotions. On my way there I received a text that due to an emergency the classes were cancelled.

I was bummed. I got home and texted my friend and she was bummed to and had already gotten to the gym. I kind of half jokingly said come over we will do it at my place. She said ok and did. It was really nice and we put together an awesome wod on our awesome new porch.  

It was perfect!  The height of the deck which you can’t see in the picture was awesome for step ups and dips. I have a long driveway so while MD did the other movements I ran and vice versa. We did 6 rounds of this and it took us about 23 minutes. I felt amazing and I’m so glad we still did something.

I think the porch and deck area will be great for workouts. I think I can skip out there too which is awesome because our gravel driveway doesn’t allow for much of it.

C was at a pool party so when I picked her up I stayed for a bit and had a delicious burger and a couple smores with the girls. I drove C’s friend home and then did some more laundry and made lunches etc.

I was proud of myself for still getting a workout in despite my bad day and the class being cancelled. It’s actually really easy to out workouts together that you can do at home.

The weekend is getting close and I am ready for it. I’ve got some fun planned and can’t wait to get through the rest of the week.

Do you do at home workouts or do you need the gym for motivation? 

Lots of Running and A New Favourite Treat

After a late night from Monday’s festivities it was a tough morning to get up and get moving. C has had a few later nights so we didn’t rush and just went a little later today which I think was a good decision. It really sucks starting off the day rushed.  

I am trying to clean up my eating a little bit as I have really gone off track. I need to reel it in a little bit.  The first place I started was to stop drinking pop and increase my water intake. I downloaded an app to track my water intake and I have actually found it to be helpful.  

this was a good water day!

I also have a discovered a new healthier snack that I am really enjoying. I mix plain Greek yogurt with vanilla protein powder, some berries and a small teaspoon of almond butter. It is so delicious!!! It has made a great pre workout snack the last couple of days.  so good!! try it!  

Work was busy and I stayed later to try and get some more done. This evening I went to another class at the gym and had yet another amazing workout. 

20 min AMRAP

400 m run

20 dumbbell thrusters

20 lunges

15 burpees

30 Russian twist 

40 mountain climbers

20 weighted sit ups

10 manmakers 
I was able to get two rounds in. It was a tough one. When we finished we paired up and did another mini wod. 

3 rounds

200 m run


While one partner ran the other one held plank without dropping. It was not easy but I felt really good after this one. It was a really great night at the gym for me and I left feeling amazing. It helps when you workout with a group of amazing people too. I love my gym. 

The evening was spent catching up on laundry and the Bachelorette. I think this week is off to a good start. 

Are you mad at Kaitlyn the Bachelorette?

I don’t approve of her choices when it comes to Nick. There’s guys I think are more awesome.  

A Rockin’ Monday Night

Monday was pretty exciting around here this week.  After work I made it just in time to the gym. It was a smaller class than usual. We started with a strength wod which was to work to a 2 RM on our back squat. I am happy to say I hit a PR for it and did 2 reps at 145 lbs. It felt great!  And my legs are feeling it today for sure. 



Push press 



This was killer. The burpees killed me especially going into the sprint. I used 55 lbs for the push press and it was heavy to start but as the reps decreased it wasn’t bad.  I was wiped at the end of this wod. We finished with some sit ups. 

I finished up and got home as quick as I could so I could get showered and ready for my exciting night. It was exciting because it was a girls night and we went to see Shania Twain!!  It was nice to get together with a great group of girls and enjoy a night out.  

so much fun!

She put on an amazing performance and we sang along to every word. I forgot how many amazing songs she has!!  We got home later than I thought it would be but it was totally worth it. 

How was your Monday this week? 

What was the last concert you went to? 

Life Got in The Way and I Love You Dad

Welp it’s been awhile since I have checked in here. Life got in the way again. It’s funny how it does that. Let’s see, what have I missed. Last week I had to travel for work and went to Winnipeg for some meetings. It wasn’t super exciting and there were no workouts there. I thought about bringing my gear but I was only there for one night so I didn’t bother. I don’t think I really would have had much time anyway. I got home Friday evening and went with J to his baseball game.

J and his cousin and a beautiful sky

We had a bbq after the game and it ended up being a later night than I thought and I was so tired when I got home.  I got up Saturday ready to hit the gym after my little hiatus. A good friend of mine met me there to try it out.

It was a partner workout. There was lots of running and a mini amrap that included thrusters, box steps, and sit ups. It was a really fun one and it felt awesome to be back. After our workout we went to grab a coffee and catch up. It was the perfect start to my day.

Saturday night we took C and a friend to the circus which was in town. We really enjoyed it. My favourite was the trapeze, it was incredible.

tightrope walking

Sunday was Fathers Day and we had plans to celebrate with J’s family. I will see my dad this coming weekend. We got ready to go and headed to Port Dover for a family gathering at the camper. It was nice to see everyone and the weather was beautiful. It’s crazy how tiring a day of doing nothing in the sun can be though. When I got home I had s little nap before getting ready for dinner. I had made reservations at one of our favourite special occasion restaurants. We got ready to go and it was the perfect excuse to wear my new pretty dress.

flowery and so summery

Dinner was incredible. I had the best salad of my life as an appetizer. It had tomatoes and feta cheese and watermelon and I devoured every bite of it.

i want more of this

It was a wonderful weekend and I have to give a Fathers Day shout out to two of my favourite fathers.  One is obviously my own father. He has always been there for me and still is to this day. He is the one I call when I need advice or just need someone to listen to a problem.

me and my dad

The other amazing Dad in my life is J. He has been so good to C from the day they met and he has accepted her as his own. He does so much for her and with her and it warms my heart seeing them together.

I love these two
I love these two

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad’s and to the Mom’s doing a Dad’s job. xoxo

I Couldn’t Find The Spider 

Today was hard friends. I knew it was going to be hard when I started dreading it Sunday night. 

exactly how i felt
 I wasn’t wrong about it. I struggled to get out of bed. I just didn’t want to get up and wash my hair and be an adult. I wanted to stay under my cozy covers for the day but sadly since I am an adult I had to get up. I wasn’t happy about it. 


the truth
I got through the day. It went pretty quickly because it was really busy. I just barely managed to get out of work on time and make it to the gym. I was a couple minutes late but made it for the workout. We did back squatting as strength. It was sets of 3 with the first one paused. I was struggling with my one knee tonight so we wrapped a band around which helped keep my form. I worked to 105 lbs and stopped there because I didn’t want to push it with my knee. 

EMOTM 12 minutes

7 push press

3 burpees

*abs for the rest of the minute 

This wod got heavy really fast and I dropped from 45 lbs to 35 lbs about halfway through. I was feeling really lethargic lately and I blame my allergies and poor nutrition.  I need to get more on track but I’m having a hard time with that. 

In other more disturbing news, I was taking to garbage out and noticed it looked like the hose was on. I reached between two shrubs to turn it off and saw a spider in a web. When I reached out no spider and I know the web was on me. I didn’t find the spider but I was itchy for hours!!!  Gross!!! It’s a terrible creepy feeling. 

I had seen a couple different recipes on Pinterest lately for zucchini and corn with Parmesan cheese on it. It looked so good so I decided to create something on my own for with my dinner. It turned out pretty great actually.  

So that’s it for my Monday. The best part of it will be when my head hits the pillow. The hardest part of the week will be behind me and that’s going to be a pretty wonderful feeling. Dear sleep, I love you. xoxo

Are you a hater of Monday’s?  

Well That Was Exhausting

We had a lot of fun this weekend and it really tired us all out.  It seemed like a long week and I didn’t get to the gym as much as I would have liked too. It was definitely not my usual routine.

Wednesday I had planned to go but I was having technical difficulties in that my phone totally crapped out on me and I had to go get a new one. After a late work day I had to go get that taken care of which meant no class for me.

Thursday we had a volunteer event with my work and I wouldn’t have made the class. When I got home J took C out for dinner so I went for a run and did a kettle bell workout when I got back. I was glad to get something in since I was behind in workouts for the week.

Friday after work I finally made it back to the gym. We did deadlifts for the strength and did sets of 5. I did 5 at 155lbs and tried 175 lbs but just got 2 off.

200 m run

15 push ups 

30 sit ups

30 goblet squats 

400 m run

15 push ups 

30 sit ups
30 goblet squats

200 m run 

15 push ups 

30 sit ups
30 goblet squats 


15 push ups 

30 sit ups

30 goblet squats
I felt awesome after this without. It felt so good to be back after a few days off.  After the gym C and I went to get some supplies for her birthday party and then we picked up pizza for dinner.

Saturday morning we got up and headed out nice and early. It was our towns heritage day parade and we were walking in it. J’s family does the horse and wagon in the parade and we walk to hand out coupons for sweet corn. It was a ton of fun and we all had lunch after at the pub.

parade fun

When we got home we had to get ready to C’s birthday party.  She had 3 friends come and they had a sleepover. J really was amazing and set up a fire for them where we made s’mores and we also had fireworks. A few of them told us it was the best birthday ever and it was so nice. There wasn’t that much sleep so there was a lot of napping on Sunday.

birthday fun

We finished the day with C’s final swimming lesson which left her even more exhausted.  Then we went out for dinner to one of our favourite spots in Hamilton, the Black Forest Inn.  They have the most delicious schnitzel.  And it’s massive.  Like hanging off my plate massive.


Needless to say we were very full when we left.  We grabbed some groceries and then spent the rest of the evening relaxing and wishing it was a long weekend.

What’s your favourite local restaurant?