A Wedding Weekend Recap

Oh hey there!  It’s been a pretty great weekend over here celebrating my bestie and her new husband.  My work week ended on Thursday and I had a busy evening getting stuff sorted for the weekend. I had to take the girls to brownies and I was able to squeeze in an at home workout before we went. 

25 push ups

25 kettle bell swings

25 squats

25 kettle bell swings

25 bicycle crunches 

25 kettle bell swings 

I did 3 rounds of that and it was tougher than I thought it would be. I had an apt with a friend to get my tan and I was so happy with how it turned out. I had a beautiful glow.   

no makeup but that tan tho
 Friday morning I got up and went to a morning class at the gym. We did deficit deadlifts as the strength. Then we did a short wod of 5 rounds of 10 straight leg deadlifts and 5 slow push-ups. 

12 min AMRAP 


5 burpees

10 jack knives

The rest of the day was getting ready for the wedding the next day. We met for lunch and we got our nails done before heading over for the rehearsal. The wedding party was a really fun group of people. 

Saturday morning I got up just after 6 am and headed out for a HIIT interval run. It was so beautiful out and a really great way to start the day.  

early morning sweat session

When I got home I did an arm workout and an ab workout before showering and heading to the  house where everyone was getting hair and makeup done. 

The bride gave us these beautiful kimonos to wear for getting ready and I absolutely adore it.  

i’ll be wearing this a lot
The wedding was beautiful. It turned out to be a perfect day despite a terrible weather forecast and we had an amazing time. I was so happy for my bestie and it was really emotional. I’m sad it’s over and she will be heading home to Vancouver again.  
the highlights

And just like that the weekend is over and we are back to reality.  

Congratulations Mr and Mrs Parco xoxo  


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