That Time My 1 RM Became My 3 RM

Mondays are never fun so I’m not going to post my usual I hate Monday’s opening even though I think by saying that I technically am.  Anyway it wasn’t a bad morning which I think had something to do with the fact that I went to bed when it was still light out. 

I was so tired from the Wedding festivities that I fell into an amazing deep long sleep. I woke up feeling really good. 

I met L (the beautiful bride) for lunch for one last visit before she flew back to Vancouver. It was nice to have some one on one time with her since the visits over the past week have been shared. It also reminded me how much I miss her. I was teary saying goodbye. 

I got through the day and made it to the gym for my usual class. The strength wod was to find a 3 rep max on our front squat. It’s not my favourite lift but oh well. I partnered with my friend and we started squatting. I was pretty excited when I checked my binder and found I had done a 3 RM on my current 1 RM. damn!!!  Now I can’t wait to find my 1 RM. I did 3 at 115 lbs tonight. 

The workout followed and it was a good one. 
EMOTM for 15 min

5 body rows

7 DB strict press

10 sit ups 

This was a good workout but I wished j had gone heavier with my Dumbbells. I used 12 because it was supposed to be thrusters but my knee was a little angry so I did presses instead and should have gone up a weight. 

When I got home I started dinner and J grilled a steak when he got home. We ended up with a really yummy meal.   It was delicious. After we put C to bed we made bacon and pancakes for her for the morning because today is her birthday.  I put sprinkles in the pancakes to make it more fun.  

happy birthday pancakes!
 I thought it would be a nice start to her ninth year. I will post more about her birthday soon. 


How did you like your Monday? 


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