Whoops! Where did the week go? 

Welp I sure have been absent on here. I didn’t mean to take almost a week off but I guess the time got away from me. Let’s see, what happened. 

First my baby turned nine!  I can’t believe she is already nine!  It seems like yesterday she was such a baby. And how am I old enough to have a nine year old?  Am I right?  

my sweetie
We celebrated with dinner out and her choice was the Mandarin. It’s really not my favourite place at all but it’s what she wanted. Then we went to marble slab for ice cream. Then we went home and groaned about how full we were. 

Wednesday I hit up the gym and the workout was a whole lot of running. 

800m run

40 box step ups

40 sit ups

600 m run

30 box step ups

30 sit ups

400 m run

20 box step ups 

20 sit ups

200 m run

10 box step ups

10 sit ups


It sucked. It was hard!  But it was the perfect workout for what was apparently National Running Day. When I got home I really didn’t feel like cooking anything so this is what I whipped up for myself.  

 I also ended up going to the gym on Thursday night since C didn’t have Brownies that night.  We did push press sets of 2 as our strength. I was feeling REALLY tired Thursday and wasn’t feeling like working out. I went anyway thinking maybe a workout would help. It wasn’t the case. I struggled through the whole thing.

3 rounds

1 min double unders

30 s plank

1 min goblet squats

30 s v sit 

1 min ball slams

30 s side plank

1 min plate push

30 s side plank

1 min wall ball

30 s plank on medicine ball

We did another round after of running and resting to make it four rounds. It was tougher than it sounded and I was even more tired when I left to go home. 

I guess sometimes your heart and head just can’t get into the workout. They can’t all be epic workouts I suppose.

How was your week? 


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