Another Weekend Recap

Its always sad for me writing weekend recaps because I hate to see the weekends end. It’s like an admission that it’s over. Sigh. 

Friday I skipped my usual class at the gym because C was going away for the weekend on a camping trip with Brownies. I didn’t want to be rushed so we went home and organized everything she needed to bring and she was ready for pickup. 

After she left I got ready to go with J to watch his baseball game. It was a lot of fun as there were lots of other wives and girlfriends there to watch. A couple of us went for ice cream and then after the game the guys bbq’d and we sat around for a few beers. In case you are curious, they won. They usually do. 

Saturday morning I got up and went to the gym for the team challenge workout. There were only 6 of us so there were three teams of two. 

8 min

400 m run/ man makers

8 min

200 m run/ burpees

8 min

Farmers carry/ push press

Then at the end you add all the reps (we got 219) and do that many sit ups. It was an awesome workout and I really enjoyed it. A perfect way to start off the day. 

I did groceries and then spent the afternoon doing laundry and I did some gardening.

i look like a pro right?
For the  evening J and I went out to dinner and we sat at the bar and are there. It’s kind of my favourite thing we do, we like to sit at the bar and watch the action. I had a delicious turkey burger which I did not take a photo of. Fail. 
I did however document our visit to check cows and selfie with the farm dog. 

Sunday morning J and I picked the girls up from camp and other than laundry I spent a lot of time doing this.   

I definitely needed the downtime this weekend. I have been so tired all week. I’m thinking it’s the result of my allergies. They are just kicking my butt right now. 

We had delicious homemade burgers for dinner and then it was a quiet night watching a mystery before bed.  

i went bunless with kale salad for the win
Now it’s back to the grind. Let’s hope it goes quickly for us all. xoxo 


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