Off to a Good Start

We are a couple of days in for the week and it’s not been so bad.  I think we have a good start here and I hope the rest of the week goes quick and the weekend is here before we know it.  Monday wasn’t the best day for me, I was soooo tired all day, and lethargic.  The day went slowly and I couldn’t wait to get out of work.  I think it’s my bad allergies that are causing me to be so tired.  I just feel wiped out and want to do nothing but get in my trackers and watch tv when I get home.

Instead of doing that, I did go to the gym Monday after work.  I rarely skip my workouts.  In fact I rearrange them to get them all in when I have to miss one.  But Monday, I wanted to skip it.  I just wanted to go home and be comfy.  I didn’t though, after some encouraging text messages with my friend I went, and I was glad I did and wished I hadn’t all at once.

We started with a strength wod of 5 sets of 5 back squats.  I worked up to and did 125 lbs which felt good, but not a PR (which I am totally ok with).  The workout was a killer one and it got the best of me.

14 min


50 s on/ 10 s rest

3 burpees

5 thrusters ( I did push press bc my knee was sore)

Odd min- sit ups

Even min- squats

I was struggling with this one.  I used 55 lbs for the push press and it got heavy really quick.  The up and down of the burpees was killing me and I actually felt nauseous for a bit.  I decided to switch to dumbbells and grabbed a set of 15 lbs.  I did those for some of the rounds.  Finally after the 10th minute, it was too much.  I told my coach I was done, which I NEVER do.  I don’t usually quit, I might modify but I don’t quit.  She had me do some ab work for the last 4 minutes and I did bicycles, planks, etc for the rest of it.  I was glad I still did something.  Maybe I should have just skipped?  At least I got a workout in even if it wasn’t the best one.

Tuesday was pretty great because we all had the day off.  For C’s birthday last week, we got her passes to Canada’s Wonderland.  We wanted to take her on her actual birthday, but they had some testing that day and we couldn’t take her out of school.  So we did it this week instead.  We all played hooky and headed there bright and early.  When we left the house there was a lot of rain and the forecast didn’t look promising.  We got there just as the park was opening and we were ready to hit the rides.

silly face on Peanut
silly face on Peanut

C has only ever been on kiddy roller coasters but she loves rides. We took her on all the ones she could go on (within her height) and she LOVED them.  It was the ideal day to be there, it was overcast but the sun did come out.  Taking the day and going before school is out and summer vacation’s start- and combined with the weather, there were no line ups at all.

We got lots of yummy treats and enjoyed some quality family time together, which was the nicest part of it all.  Just the three of us having fun.  My heart was full.

action shot


Now here we are mid week with just a few days to go.  May they be happy and speedy.  xoxo


Do you like roller coasters?

My favourite are the wooden ones.  I can’t do spinny rides, but I do like roller coasters.




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