I Couldn’t Find The Spider 

Today was hard friends. I knew it was going to be hard when I started dreading it Sunday night. 

exactly how i felt
 I wasn’t wrong about it. I struggled to get out of bed. I just didn’t want to get up and wash my hair and be an adult. I wanted to stay under my cozy covers for the day but sadly since I am an adult I had to get up. I wasn’t happy about it. 


the truth
I got through the day. It went pretty quickly because it was really busy. I just barely managed to get out of work on time and make it to the gym. I was a couple minutes late but made it for the workout. We did back squatting as strength. It was sets of 3 with the first one paused. I was struggling with my one knee tonight so we wrapped a band around which helped keep my form. I worked to 105 lbs and stopped there because I didn’t want to push it with my knee. 

EMOTM 12 minutes

7 push press

3 burpees

*abs for the rest of the minute 

This wod got heavy really fast and I dropped from 45 lbs to 35 lbs about halfway through. I was feeling really lethargic lately and I blame my allergies and poor nutrition.  I need to get more on track but I’m having a hard time with that. 

In other more disturbing news, I was taking to garbage out and noticed it looked like the hose was on. I reached between two shrubs to turn it off and saw a spider in a web. When I reached out no spider and I know the web was on me. I didn’t find the spider but I was itchy for hours!!!  Gross!!! It’s a terrible creepy feeling. 

I had seen a couple different recipes on Pinterest lately for zucchini and corn with Parmesan cheese on it. It looked so good so I decided to create something on my own for with my dinner. It turned out pretty great actually.  

So that’s it for my Monday. The best part of it will be when my head hits the pillow. The hardest part of the week will be behind me and that’s going to be a pretty wonderful feeling. Dear sleep, I love you. xoxo

Are you a hater of Monday’s?  


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