Life Got in The Way and I Love You Dad

Welp it’s been awhile since I have checked in here. Life got in the way again. It’s funny how it does that. Let’s see, what have I missed. Last week I had to travel for work and went to Winnipeg for some meetings. It wasn’t super exciting and there were no workouts there. I thought about bringing my gear but I was only there for one night so I didn’t bother. I don’t think I really would have had much time anyway. I got home Friday evening and went with J to his baseball game.

J and his cousin and a beautiful sky

We had a bbq after the game and it ended up being a later night than I thought and I was so tired when I got home.  I got up Saturday ready to hit the gym after my little hiatus. A good friend of mine met me there to try it out.

It was a partner workout. There was lots of running and a mini amrap that included thrusters, box steps, and sit ups. It was a really fun one and it felt awesome to be back. After our workout we went to grab a coffee and catch up. It was the perfect start to my day.

Saturday night we took C and a friend to the circus which was in town. We really enjoyed it. My favourite was the trapeze, it was incredible.

tightrope walking

Sunday was Fathers Day and we had plans to celebrate with J’s family. I will see my dad this coming weekend. We got ready to go and headed to Port Dover for a family gathering at the camper. It was nice to see everyone and the weather was beautiful. It’s crazy how tiring a day of doing nothing in the sun can be though. When I got home I had s little nap before getting ready for dinner. I had made reservations at one of our favourite special occasion restaurants. We got ready to go and it was the perfect excuse to wear my new pretty dress.

flowery and so summery

Dinner was incredible. I had the best salad of my life as an appetizer. It had tomatoes and feta cheese and watermelon and I devoured every bite of it.

i want more of this

It was a wonderful weekend and I have to give a Fathers Day shout out to two of my favourite fathers.  One is obviously my own father. He has always been there for me and still is to this day. He is the one I call when I need advice or just need someone to listen to a problem.

me and my dad

The other amazing Dad in my life is J. He has been so good to C from the day they met and he has accepted her as his own. He does so much for her and with her and it warms my heart seeing them together.

I love these two
I love these two

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad’s and to the Mom’s doing a Dad’s job. xoxo


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