No Gym, No Problem

I had a rough Tuesday night and an even tougher Wednesday. It wasn’t a good day. I was emotional and sick over it. Nothing I want to get into and bore you with but I wasn’t feeling good about myself and I couldn’t wait to get to the gym and sweat out my emotions. On my way there I received a text that due to an emergency the classes were cancelled.

I was bummed. I got home and texted my friend and she was bummed to and had already gotten to the gym. I kind of half jokingly said come over we will do it at my place. She said ok and did. It was really nice and we put together an awesome wod on our awesome new porch.  

It was perfect!  The height of the deck which you can’t see in the picture was awesome for step ups and dips. I have a long driveway so while MD did the other movements I ran and vice versa. We did 6 rounds of this and it took us about 23 minutes. I felt amazing and I’m so glad we still did something.

I think the porch and deck area will be great for workouts. I think I can skip out there too which is awesome because our gravel driveway doesn’t allow for much of it.

C was at a pool party so when I picked her up I stayed for a bit and had a delicious burger and a couple smores with the girls. I drove C’s friend home and then did some more laundry and made lunches etc.

I was proud of myself for still getting a workout in despite my bad day and the class being cancelled. It’s actually really easy to out workouts together that you can do at home.

The weekend is getting close and I am ready for it. I’ve got some fun planned and can’t wait to get through the rest of the week.

Do you do at home workouts or do you need the gym for motivation? 


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