Killing it and a Surprise Visit 

I’ve been doing pretty good this week with my nutrition. I mean not as good as I could be but I’ve been better than I have been lately. I think the results are kind of showing in the gym because I have to say I have been killing it lately. 

On Monday I got seven double unders in my workout and Tuesday I did 10 reps of push press at 90 lbs!  Wednesday did not disappoint either. The strength was back squats and working to a 2 rep max. I banged off 150 lbs!!!  So I decided to check my book and my last 1 rep max I did was 145 so that was pretty awesome. Now I wonder what I could do with a one rep max.  I think I need to find out really soon. 

As if that wasn’t great enough I also had a surprise visit from an awesome friend. I got a text earlier in the day from my good friend who used to go to my gym but moved a couple of years ago. She told me she was in town and she was able to make it to the class tonight!  I was so happy to see her. It was a little sad because it wasn’t a partner wod and she used to always be my partner. 

WOD – 5 rounds

45 s heavy back squats (100 lbs) 

45 s pull ups

45 s push ups 

I liked this workout a lot. It didn’t sound like much but it was awesome and we still got a sweat on.  When that was done we all lined up with a set of Dumbbells (I had 12 lbs) and then we did 6 minutes of a curl, press and two lunges. After 4 minutes I thought my forearms and hands would fall off but I kept it up for the full 6 minutes. 

C was at her grandmas so I was lucky enough to have some time to stay behind and visit with B for a bit. I’m hoping to meet up with her one more time before she leaves. 

I definitely think it was a nice surprise that put a pep in my step after what’s been a pretty crappy week.  Let’s hope the rest of the week flies by and the LONG weekend gets here quick. 

Have you got a long weekend where you live? 

Long weekend plans? 

We actually have some pretty fun plans for this weekend! 


It’s All in the Wrists

Oh Monday… why must you be so cruel.  It started out just as good as I thought it would.  Work was nuts, the day went pretty quick and I was more than ready to sweat out some stress.  Speaking of sweat, we are in the middle of a heat wave here in Ontario so sweat is happening on the regular. 

The strength Monday was 5 reps of back squats.  I think I worked to 115 lbs and attempted 125 but just did 3 reps.  

WOD- 5 rounds 

1 min on/ 15 s rest 

Push press

Double unders 

Sit ups


This was tough. The burpees were killer and the push press got heavy really fast. The important thing to point out was the double unders. I got a new rope from my coach last week and I was ready to use it.  I was getting a few here and there and then my coach reminded me to use my wrists and boom!  I got it!  I got seven in a row!  I honestly think I could have done more because my glasses were falling off.  

these legs. killed it.

The evening was spent watching the Bachelorette finale.  Obvi. I was happy with the result but does it have to be so long?!?! It feels like it just dragged on. 

Tuesday I had to be at work for 630 am which feels really early for me. I had such a busy day and was feeling so tired by the time I left work. I had about an hour to myself before I had to pick up C so I took the opportunity to lay down and I had a glorious 20 min snooze. Then I got myself ready for the gym. 

I headed over after stopping for C to get a snack. I was NOT feeling it. Stretching I literally just wanted to lay down. Once we did the warm up I felt a little more energized. We started off with our push press challenge and I decided to increase to 90 lbs and my goal was 8 reps. Well I must have got Hercules strength out of no where and I managed to bust out 10 reps!  I felt so amazing after.  Then we did the wod which was different Tabata wods where it was 20 s of one movement and 10 s of another. 

Lunges/ Turkish get up

Mountain climbers/ plank

Sit ups/ v sits

Squats with a dumbbell press out/ push ups

Sprawls/ sprint on the spot 

I was so tired after this workout. I couldn’t wait to get home and lay down. Sadly it didn’t happen because #life.  

feeling jacked after the workout today
I got C dinner and showered and tucked to bed and did dishes and then finally sat down to eat. The plus side was I ate this amazing meal.   

It was so good. I had greens, veggies, feta, steak and nectarine on there and then the dressing was Bolthouse yogurt ranch dressing. I really enjoyed it and actually made a second one for lunch. Can’t wait to eat that again. 

I made it an early night and headed up to bed to try and feel more rested. Sometimes you just need some extra sleep. 

Do you like salads for dinner?

I’m enjoying them in the hot weather we are having these days. 

Well That Was Exhausting

Enter the obligatory I hate Monday sentence here. I feel it’s not necessary as I have made my disdain for the day quite clear haven’t I?   

Let’s move on to the weekend recap shall we? I was cursing all day Friday over the fact that I had a 4pm call which meant I couldn’t go to the gym. Thankfully last minute it got cancelled and I had enough time to go home and change before class. I was pretty pumped about it since the gym was closed for the weekend for an event and I knew it would probably be my only workout. 

Strength was deadlifts and we did reps of 3. I worked with a friend and we built up to 175 lbs.  After I checked my book I was annoyed I didn’t try one 185 lbs since I think I could have done it and my previous 3 rep max was 175. Oh well. 

Then we did the wod which was 22 rounds of:


5 pull ups

10 push ups

15 squats 

We did this with partners so when one partner did this the other did sprints and box steps, or lunges and abs and then switch off. It was a good one. Very tiring. It was much needed after a pretty brutal week. 

I got home and went right to the fridge and poured a beer and sat out to relax until J got home.  

We decided neither of us wanted to cook so we went out for dinner the three of us. It was a fun family night out. 

Saturday morning C and I decided we would go out for breakfast. Then we got our nails done and ran some errands. I also rocked another new romper. 

  I made us tacos for lunch and I had mine on a salad with nectarines and a yogurt salsa ranch dressing. It was soooo delicious.   

Then we had a party to go to that was a lot of fun. There was a slip and slide and the food was so good. We had a good time and C was totally exhausted by the end of it. 

Sunday we had breakfast all together since J was home which was a nice treat.  I got a ton of laundry done and groceries. Then our neice was over and C and I babysat while her parents went to an event. It was my first time babysitting her and we had a lot of fun but man I had forgotten how much work toddlers can be!     

Dinner was burgers that we made from scratch and J grilled and I had mine with a yummy salad I made. 

It was a pretty great weekend that left me getting quite a bit accomplished and also a lot of relaxing got done. If it only it had been just a little bit longer …

How was your weekend? 


That Time I Pulled a Jeep

Wednesday was like any other Wednesday.  Though is it just me or does this week feel like the longest week ever?  Anyhoo, I digress.  After work I went to my 4:15 class at the gym and we started off with strength and worked on the July push press challenge.  Last time we did this I was able to press 12 reps at 80 lbs.  I wanted to see what I could do with 85 lbs and I am happy to say I did an amazing 10 reps!  Not bad at all right?  We have one more week at this challenge so I am thinking I might do 90 lbs, or just see if I can increase to maybe 12 reps at 85.  We will see what coach thinks.

Then our coach announced that our class was going to have some fun and pull vehicles.  Whaaaaat?  I don’t always love the “fun” stuff the class does, and my coach knew that so he also gave me the option of doing the workout that was planned.  I got myself set up outside and watched the action while I did the wod.

5 rounds of 3 minutes

3 power cleans

6 push ups

9 squats (I alternated with squats and sit ups)

I used 55 lbs for my cleans and wished I had used 65.  The 55 felt pretty easy.  I got through four rounds and then the other members said I really should try pulling the jeep.  They were so encouraging and seeing some of the other ladies do it, I started to think well maybe I could do it too.

I got all harnessed in and was old to stay low, almost like a bear crawl.  The first push off my shoe came off my heel and then I got going but my shoe was only half on.  So I ended up just kicking it off and doing the rest of the way with my shoe off.

IMG_0300Pretty awesome right?  I felt so strong. My friends were so great encouraging me. I have a video but wasn’t sure how to post it on here. I had to rush out to get C but the rest of them pulled a pick up truck after.

Thursday morning I woke up SO confused about what day of the week it was. I was sure it was the weekend and then I pieced it together and realized I was wrong. Then I realized it was Thursday and I knew I had a tough day ahead of me. It was not easy getting out of bed.

After work I got C and we went to the gym. It was a team workout with lots of sprinting, burpees, push ups and sit ups. It was fun working in our teams and much of it was outside. I really enjoyed it. We had a late dinner of pitas and then C and I went for ice cream. Not a bad way to end a tough day.

Now we just have one more day to get through and the weekend is upon us. xoxo

Have you done anything lately that made you feel bad ass?

Running and Push Press and Burpees Oh My!!

Ahhhhh Tuesday.  Monday’s slightly less annoying sister.  I got through it like a champ crossing tasks off my list like a boss.  I am a boss so that’s a good thing.  Anyway moving on to the more important things, my nutrition, or lack of it was a key conversation today with my bestie and we agreed we both have been enjoying some indulgences lately and maybe we could work together to reel it back in.


It’s true.  I mean it’s no secret on this blog that all the progress I made before my wedding day has been lost with overindulgences and a bad diet.  And its embarrassing how many times I have come on here saying I am starting over and taking control blah blah blah.

more like it
more like it (ps does anyone else LOVE these Kermit meme’s as much as I do???)

I won’t say that’s it I am getting my shit together because I can’t promise that.  I am mostly working on self love and becoming more comfortable in my skin regardless of my weight.  That being said, I could really try and take control of the situation instead of just whining about it.  So L and I made a deal today we are going to keep a food diary and send it to each other at the end of the night.  Day 1 I did record everything and even made sure to get all my water in.  I used my app to record all my water and managed to hit 2 litres today.


Small success.  It’s a start right? My eating wasn’t terrible… but it’s just one day so I will leave it at that.  C got invited to go to the movies with a friend today after camp which worked out quite nice for me to head to the 615 class at the gym.  It was a large group tonight and we had a blast.  But the workout was not a nice one.


lunge walk to the end of the driveway

800m run

20 push press

10 burpees

400 m run

20 push press

10 burpees

200 m run

20 push press

10 burpees


20 push press

10 burpees

This was sooo much running and holy crap it felt like a million burpees.  It was awful when we were doing it, but when we were done it felt so good that it was done and that we did it.  I love wod’s like that where you feel such a sense of accomplishment after it’s done.

me mid workout
me mid workout

I was able to use 45 lbs for the push press.  I kind of think maybe I should have gone with 55 lbs but the catch was that when you were done the burpees you would wait for everyone to finish in a plank position, and then we would start the next run all together.  So I didn’t want to go too heavy and be so slow that everyone was waiting.   But for most of the rounds I was able to go unbroken with the presses.  The burpees were hard though.  By the last round I thought I would never finish them.


After the wod I worked on my double unders and my first attempt I strung together 4 in a row!  I think being so tired though that was pretty much it.  I worked at it for a bit longer and then called it a night.  I felt great after tonight’s workout and inspired.  I am going to keep up my hard work in the gym and try and make more of an effort with my diet, but not so much that it messes with my mind again.  I just want to be happy and comfortable and ok with myself… however it is that I look.

Anyone else out there struggle with self confidence and self love?

A Bad Hair Monday

So as I mentioned I made the chop on my hair this weekend and I hadn’t really had to do much to it as she curled it and the curls turned into waves yesterday. Yesterday however was a different story. I didn’t wash it when I showered in the morning thinking I could just retouch the waves. Boy was I wrong. I suck at waves in general and it turns out I suck even more with the shorter version of my hair. 

So sadly I had to go to work my first day with new hair and it was a bad hair day. Isn’t that just the worst?  Sigh. 

Work was work and blah blah blah then it was time to bust out of there and hit the gym. The group was a lot of fun and there were lots of laughs.  We started with strength and did reps of 3 back squats. I worked to 125 lbs and decided I was good there. 


1 min 

5 front squats

3 push press 


1 min

3 front squats

5 push press

Sit ups 

We did 14 minutes of this one and it was killer!  It got heavy really quickly and I did 55 lbs. 

I was spoiled by J again with a delicious barbecued dinner. We tried roasted radishes which I’ve never had.  We did them in a foil pack and they were ok but I think we should try the oven next time.   

The rest of the night was spent doing laundry and watching the Men Tell All. I have to admit that I’m getting excited for Bachelor in Paradise. It’s a guilty pleasure I suppose. So. Much. Drama. 

So here’s to Monday being behind us and let’s hope Tuesday’s hair turns out better for me. xoxo 

Primping, Pizza and Prowler Pushes

Another recap post because it’s been a few days. Where do I begin?  Let’s start with Thursday. I did go to the gym Thursday evening and we did some partner stuff. The first wod was sit ups while the partner holds a medicine ball out straight in front of them. It was tough!  We did 10 rounds of a minute and after the first my arms were feeling it. It reminded me of a stag and doe game where you hold out a case of beer. #practise 

The wod had us running 200 m and then the partner worked on an AMRAP of 7 push ups, 7 lunges each side and 7 burpees.  It was killer especially since it’s been so hot out. Then we finished by doing some lifting and I worked on this months push press challenge. Last time I did it I pressed 7 reps at 75 lbs. Thursday I killed that score and increased to 12 reps at 80 lbs!  Not bad eh?? 

Friday I wasn’t able to go to the gym because I had a hair appointment. I had been looking forward to it allllll week and was so upset when I got there and the stylist had left. There was a mix up with my appointment and it got cancelled without them even calling me. I was furious actually and headed home. It was a newer place I had only been to once and I won’t be going back. Instead I was able to go with J and get C from camp and we went out for dinner. 

Saturday morning I went to the gym and had an awesome workout. It was the deck of cards workout where depending on the suit and number we did either burpees, thrusters, sit ups or push ups. There were also lunges and squats in there as well. 

After the gym I got cleaned up and headed to a new salon where I was lucky to get an appointment in short notice. It was a beautiful place and I really liked both the girl who did my colour and the girl who cut my hair. I have been hating my hair lately and the ends were so dead I finally chopped it and cleaned it up and I think I really like it.  


The real test will be styling it myself. I also rocked a romper for the first time ever. I found one that wasn’t as short as most of the others I have seen out there and it was actually super comfy.   

The afternoon I popped in to help at the corn stand. It’s the first weekend for sweet corn and it got really busy so C and I went over to help for a bit. It was sooooo hot out!  For dinner we ordered pizza and J’s mom joined us and then we went out for ice cream which was a delicious treat. 

Sunday morning C went to spend the day with her Aunt and uncle and cousin at the beach. I headed to the gym and did some deadlifting and then joined in for the second half of the boot camp class where we did prowler pushing, sledge hammer hits, sit ups and box steps. It felt good except it was so hot out. The prowler pushed after deadlifting equals sore legs. 

J and did some groceries and then we went to visit a friend and had a dip in their made dinner which was delicious homemade shepherds pie. 

It’s been such a good weekend I am feeling the Sunday evening blues thinking about it ending and going back to work tomorrow. Why can’t it be a long weekend?  Maybe I just need a vacation. Sigh. 

How did you spend your weekend?