Midweek Day Off

Welp friends. We made it to Wednesday. Here in Canada it’s a holiday and we get a day off right in the middle of the week. It’s pretty great actually. A day to relax and recharge. Yes please. 

Monday was a loooooong day and I was super tired for some reason. I couldn’t wait to get out of work. I made it to a class after work and got a really good sweat on. We started with back squats and did 5 sets of 3. I worked to 125 lbs and felt really good and strong. The workout was a tough one. 

EMOTM 1:30 

7 thrusters

7 kettle bell swings

7 push ups with rows 

We did this for 10 rounds and it was killer. Some rounds I wasn’t even finishing. My arms felt like jello after we were done. I went home and we had a yummy steak for dinner which James bbq’d. 

This morning we got up and got ready to go to the gym for the Canada Day family workout. There was a lot of people there and we worked in teams of 4. The movements were back squats, push press and thrusters and box step ups.  We worked up a really good sweat which I think is a perfect way to start a day off. On our way home I dropped C off to a friends house and I made myself a good lunch. 

I then enjoyed some time all to myself in the house and had an hour long nap. It doesn’t happen often but it was glorious. I guess it was just what I needed. I decided it was a waste to spend all this time inside so I got myself set up to enjoy the sun outside. As usual, Mother Nature had other plans for me and it started to rain. Thankfully we have this amazing new covered porch so I was still able to sit outside.   

just relaxing
 The rest of the day was laundry, more relaxing and getting organized for work and camp tomorrow. It was a nice break from the work week and it felt like Sunday all day. Sadly it’s back to work tomorrow. The good news is that I have Friday off so it’s just back for one day. I think I can handle that. 

So thank you Canada for having your birthday on a Wednesday this year.  I hope all my Canadian friends had a great day off. xoxo

Did you celebrate Canada day with anything special? 


One thought on “Midweek Day Off

  1. I was at work all day yesterday, but OMG! Your patio looks dreamy, even in the rain! Sounds like a perfect afternoon! I long for some knitting time on my porch. That’s usually where I blog from lately, with the heat wave being unrelentless in Victoria, BC. It’s brutal! Enjoy your long weekend!

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