I’m Ready to Party

Well my American friends this is your weekend to let loose and celebrate your great country. We had the pleasure of celebrating Canada on Wednesday but I decided I love my American neighbours so much I want to celebrate their day too. That and the Toronto Blue Jays are playing a series just over the border.   So my love and I are heading to Detroit to watch some baseball. Which means I also get a long weekend.  

lets do this

I managed to squeeze in one last gym session last night after work which made me happy since I am taking the weekend off from working out and I will be doing a lot of indulging.  

We started with the dreaded “death by burpees”. Basically you do one burpee in one minute and then increase the burpees each minute. The first few minutes are easy peasy but it gets sucky pretty quickly.  I made it up to 11 but stopped there. I am kicking myself for not attempting 12. 

The next part of the workout was with a partner. For 8 minutes one sprinted and the other did push press. Then we totalled our push press and we did 138. I did half of them at 55lbs but dropped to 45lbs. 

We finished with some partner abs where we passed a medicine ball back and forth with Russian twists and sit ups. It felt really good. 

So now we are on our way to our baseball weekend adventure and I can’t wait to cheer our team on!  

  I hope you all have an excellent weekend! xoxo


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