Jet Setting and Falling off Track

This has been a whirlwind week for me. It’s Wednesday (it IS Wednesday right?) already and the days just seem to be flying by. I’m not mad about it at all. We are that much closer to my beloved weekend. 

Monday was a busy day at work especially since I knew I would be away from the office for a couple of days. It was also C’s first day at a new camp which meant another change to routine. I picked her up after work and we headed to the gym were I did the 515 class. 

Class started with strength where we did sets of 5 back squats with the first squat paused. I worked to about 85 lbs and stopped there. I was so stiff and sore I didn’t want to go to heavy.  Then we did the workout. 

WOD 1- 12 min AMRAP 

200 m run

10 push press 

10 front squats

There was a burpee penalty if you dropped the bar between the press and squat which I managed to avoid. I also used 55 lbs for this wod and am happy to report I did not drop the weight despite being tempted. 

WOD2 – 8 min AMRAP

10 sit ups

20 ankle touches

20 bicycles


Can I just mention 8 minutes of abs feels like an eternity?  

Tuesday I left super early in the morning to head to the airport. I was working in Winnipeg on Tuesday and Wednesday. It was a looooong day Tuesday with such an early start and we worked super late. My hotel air conditioning was so loud and then it rained and it was the loudest rain I have ever heard. Needless to say it was not a good sleep and I am exhausted today. I can’t wait to be home in my own bed with my love.  

jet setting

In other news my diet has completely gone to shit. Sorry for the language but it is so true. I just want to eat everything and I feel so gross and self conscious but lack any motivation to change my bad habits. I don’t know what’s wrong with me but I am stuck very deeply in a nutrition rut. 

  I don’t know how much worse I have to feel about myself before I get that kick to do something about it. It’s my own fault so I try not to complain. I just need to get my focus back.  If anyone has some encouragement or can give me that kick in the ass I need I welcome it. 
Happy Hump Day Friends! xoxo


One thought on “Jet Setting and Falling off Track

  1. Hey I’m in Winnipeg! I’ve fallen off track alot lately. Trying my best to get back on but at the same time trying to not feel so bad about it either.

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