Reppin’ the Recap

Let’s recap the last couple of days shall we?  It’s been busy that’s for sure.  I hit up the gym Thursday evening. We did a partner workout that got  me sweaty.  It was a partner wod that had lots of lunges, squats, thrusters and so.many.burpees.  We finished off with some ab work after it.  It was nice to be back after a couple of days missed.

Friday finally arrived and it was a busy day that kept me at work late.  I wasn’t able to get to the gym and I wasn’t feeling like working out at all to be honest, but after missing my Tuesday and Wednesday workouts, I knew I had to get the work done.  I came up with a good wod to do at home in my yard.

5 Rounds

Driveway circle sprint

5 burpees

10 deck step ups

15 kettlebell swings

20 squats

backyard wod in the sun.
backyard wod in the sun.

I felt really good after this wod, and was glad I made myself do it.  We went to J’s sister’s place for a delicious BBQ and some Euchre.  It was a fun night and a great way to start off the weekend.  Saturday morning I made myself a pre-workout breakfast of eggs and some turkey bacon, it’s my usual but I enjoy it every time.

my "go-to" breakfast
my “go-to” breakfast

Saturday’s class was small as a large group of people were off doing a Mudderella race.  There were only 5 of us, and it wasn’t my usual group because we went an hour early.  One of my friends was there and we were partners.  It was a bit of a holy shit moment when we got in and saw the workout on the board was “Murph”.  Ouch.

Partner Murph

1 mile run (800 m each)

100 pull ups

200 push ups

300 squats

1 mile run (800 m each)

I always panic when I see Murph on the board.  I have only ever done it as a partner, and I think it would be so hard to do it alone.  My pecs were so sore this morning, and like under my arms.  I call it my chicken wings.  We did really well in this workout, we just took turns with the movements and did what we could and encouraged each other on.  I spent the rest of the day pampering myself, I got a mani and a pedi and it was really nice, it had been awhile.  I did some groceries and then spent some time sitting out enjoying the sun with my colouring book.

this is living
this is living

For the evening we had tickets to the Pan Am games and it was a soccer game.  My Aunt and Uncle met us there and it was the perfect night to sit out and watch some soccer.  There were two games, the second was Canada vs Ecuador and Canada won.  It was a great game and a lot of fun.  It was nice to do something different.

so pretty
so pretty

Sunday was another delicious breakfast, and another workout.  I joined my coach when he was there training with another member and I did my own thing.  I did one of the workous from the week that I missed.  I did some strength of push press, I worked up and got 8 reps @ 75 lbs.  I was happy with it considering my chicken wings are so sore.

WOD- 18 min AMRAP

10 sit ups

10 box step ups

5 burpees

3 ab roll outs


This one was tough.  The burpees and then the ab roll outs!  Those are H-A-R-D.  I do enjoy going in when there isn’t a class, just hanging with my coach and a small group.  We hang out and chat while we warm up and lift, and then I focus on the workout and do it on my own, but they still encourage me as I go.  It was a lot of fun and I felt really good after the workout.

The rest of the day was spent getting organized for C’s first overnight camp.  I dropped her off this evening and despite some nerves when I left she was already having a great time.  I think she’s going to be fine and will love it.  It gives J and I a nice break for the week too!  He made us an amazing dinner on the grill.

chicken, potato, mushrooms and roasted pepper
chicken, potato, mushrooms and roasted pepper

So that’s what I have been up to lately.  It’s a looooong post and I do apologize but I am finding it tough to get online and get everything down as it happens.  Bad blogger I suppose- but hey, life happens and it’s meant to be lived.

I hope you have a great week that flies by!  xoxo


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