Sweet Corn and Deals 

First things first here. I totally forgot to mention this sale I came across over the past weekend. I took C to Toys R Us so she could spend her gift cards and next door was a sports store that was having a sidewalk sale. Obvi I had to check that out and I got myself some great deals.  


 That bikini was $7. Can you even believe that? $7 for both pieces!!!  The shorts were $11 and the hoody was less that $30. Pretty great right?  

Monday I had to be at work super early but I did get to leave work a little early and I made it home to relax for a short snooze and then hit up the gym.  Our strength was sets of 7 back squats. I worked to 105 lbs for 7 and felt good about that. 

WOD- 4 rounds

1 min sit ups

30 s side plank

1 min jack knives

30 s side plank

1 min manmakers 

Gross. Those manmakers are killer. They just might be my least favourite movement at the gym. Or plate pushes. Speaking of plate pushes….

Tuesday’s wod was a team wod where one partner did plate pushes, another did walls sits and the other worked at these movements: 

150 goblet squats

150 box steps

75 burpees

150 mountain climbers

100 push press

We had 22 minutes to get it all done. We did great and got to 50 push press. I think my legs are going to feel that one.  

J made us the most delicious dinner. He grilled pork tenderloin, zucchini and sweet corn. It was so yummy and so exciting that corn is ready!!   All this amazing food. There was even leftovers for my lunch!   

It’s been nice being able to sleep in a little and do some abs in the morning since I don’t have to drive C anywhere with her at camp. I realize I could have tried to be more productive with my extra time but the snooze button has won every time so far. 

I hope you are all having a great week so far xoxo


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