Primping, Pizza and Prowler Pushes

Another recap post because it’s been a few days. Where do I begin?  Let’s start with Thursday. I did go to the gym Thursday evening and we did some partner stuff. The first wod was sit ups while the partner holds a medicine ball out straight in front of them. It was tough!  We did 10 rounds of a minute and after the first my arms were feeling it. It reminded me of a stag and doe game where you hold out a case of beer. #practise 

The wod had us running 200 m and then the partner worked on an AMRAP of 7 push ups, 7 lunges each side and 7 burpees.  It was killer especially since it’s been so hot out. Then we finished by doing some lifting and I worked on this months push press challenge. Last time I did it I pressed 7 reps at 75 lbs. Thursday I killed that score and increased to 12 reps at 80 lbs!  Not bad eh?? 

Friday I wasn’t able to go to the gym because I had a hair appointment. I had been looking forward to it allllll week and was so upset when I got there and the stylist had left. There was a mix up with my appointment and it got cancelled without them even calling me. I was furious actually and headed home. It was a newer place I had only been to once and I won’t be going back. Instead I was able to go with J and get C from camp and we went out for dinner. 

Saturday morning I went to the gym and had an awesome workout. It was the deck of cards workout where depending on the suit and number we did either burpees, thrusters, sit ups or push ups. There were also lunges and squats in there as well. 

After the gym I got cleaned up and headed to a new salon where I was lucky to get an appointment in short notice. It was a beautiful place and I really liked both the girl who did my colour and the girl who cut my hair. I have been hating my hair lately and the ends were so dead I finally chopped it and cleaned it up and I think I really like it.  


The real test will be styling it myself. I also rocked a romper for the first time ever. I found one that wasn’t as short as most of the others I have seen out there and it was actually super comfy.   

The afternoon I popped in to help at the corn stand. It’s the first weekend for sweet corn and it got really busy so C and I went over to help for a bit. It was sooooo hot out!  For dinner we ordered pizza and J’s mom joined us and then we went out for ice cream which was a delicious treat. 

Sunday morning C went to spend the day with her Aunt and uncle and cousin at the beach. I headed to the gym and did some deadlifting and then joined in for the second half of the boot camp class where we did prowler pushing, sledge hammer hits, sit ups and box steps. It felt good except it was so hot out. The prowler pushed after deadlifting equals sore legs. 

J and did some groceries and then we went to visit a friend and had a dip in their made dinner which was delicious homemade shepherds pie. 

It’s been such a good weekend I am feeling the Sunday evening blues thinking about it ending and going back to work tomorrow. Why can’t it be a long weekend?  Maybe I just need a vacation. Sigh. 

How did you spend your weekend? 


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