A Bad Hair Monday

So as I mentioned I made the chop on my hair this weekend and I hadn’t really had to do much to it as she curled it and the curls turned into waves yesterday. Yesterday however was a different story. I didn’t wash it when I showered in the morning thinking I could just retouch the waves. Boy was I wrong. I suck at waves in general and it turns out I suck even more with the shorter version of my hair. 

So sadly I had to go to work my first day with new hair and it was a bad hair day. Isn’t that just the worst?  Sigh. 

Work was work and blah blah blah then it was time to bust out of there and hit the gym. The group was a lot of fun and there were lots of laughs.  We started with strength and did reps of 3 back squats. I worked to 125 lbs and decided I was good there. 


1 min 

5 front squats

3 push press 


1 min

3 front squats

5 push press

Sit ups 

We did 14 minutes of this one and it was killer!  It got heavy really quickly and I did 55 lbs. 

I was spoiled by J again with a delicious barbecued dinner. We tried roasted radishes which I’ve never had.  We did them in a foil pack and they were ok but I think we should try the oven next time.   

The rest of the night was spent doing laundry and watching the Men Tell All. I have to admit that I’m getting excited for Bachelor in Paradise. It’s a guilty pleasure I suppose. So. Much. Drama. 

So here’s to Monday being behind us and let’s hope Tuesday’s hair turns out better for me. xoxo 


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