That Time I Pulled a Jeep

Wednesday was like any other Wednesday.  Though is it just me or does this week feel like the longest week ever?  Anyhoo, I digress.  After work I went to my 4:15 class at the gym and we started off with strength and worked on the July push press challenge.  Last time we did this I was able to press 12 reps at 80 lbs.  I wanted to see what I could do with 85 lbs and I am happy to say I did an amazing 10 reps!  Not bad at all right?  We have one more week at this challenge so I am thinking I might do 90 lbs, or just see if I can increase to maybe 12 reps at 85.  We will see what coach thinks.

Then our coach announced that our class was going to have some fun and pull vehicles.  Whaaaaat?  I don’t always love the “fun” stuff the class does, and my coach knew that so he also gave me the option of doing the workout that was planned.  I got myself set up outside and watched the action while I did the wod.

5 rounds of 3 minutes

3 power cleans

6 push ups

9 squats (I alternated with squats and sit ups)

I used 55 lbs for my cleans and wished I had used 65.  The 55 felt pretty easy.  I got through four rounds and then the other members said I really should try pulling the jeep.  They were so encouraging and seeing some of the other ladies do it, I started to think well maybe I could do it too.

I got all harnessed in and was old to stay low, almost like a bear crawl.  The first push off my shoe came off my heel and then I got going but my shoe was only half on.  So I ended up just kicking it off and doing the rest of the way with my shoe off.

IMG_0300Pretty awesome right?  I felt so strong. My friends were so great encouraging me. I have a video but wasn’t sure how to post it on here. I had to rush out to get C but the rest of them pulled a pick up truck after.

Thursday morning I woke up SO confused about what day of the week it was. I was sure it was the weekend and then I pieced it together and realized I was wrong. Then I realized it was Thursday and I knew I had a tough day ahead of me. It was not easy getting out of bed.

After work I got C and we went to the gym. It was a team workout with lots of sprinting, burpees, push ups and sit ups. It was fun working in our teams and much of it was outside. I really enjoyed it. We had a late dinner of pitas and then C and I went for ice cream. Not a bad way to end a tough day.

Now we just have one more day to get through and the weekend is upon us. xoxo

Have you done anything lately that made you feel bad ass?


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