Well That Was Exhausting

Enter the obligatory I hate Monday sentence here. I feel it’s not necessary as I have made my disdain for the day quite clear haven’t I?   

Let’s move on to the weekend recap shall we? I was cursing all day Friday over the fact that I had a 4pm call which meant I couldn’t go to the gym. Thankfully last minute it got cancelled and I had enough time to go home and change before class. I was pretty pumped about it since the gym was closed for the weekend for an event and I knew it would probably be my only workout. 

Strength was deadlifts and we did reps of 3. I worked with a friend and we built up to 175 lbs.  After I checked my book I was annoyed I didn’t try one 185 lbs since I think I could have done it and my previous 3 rep max was 175. Oh well. 

Then we did the wod which was 22 rounds of:


5 pull ups

10 push ups

15 squats 

We did this with partners so when one partner did this the other did sprints and box steps, or lunges and abs and then switch off. It was a good one. Very tiring. It was much needed after a pretty brutal week. 

I got home and went right to the fridge and poured a beer and sat out to relax until J got home.  

We decided neither of us wanted to cook so we went out for dinner the three of us. It was a fun family night out. 

Saturday morning C and I decided we would go out for breakfast. Then we got our nails done and ran some errands. I also rocked another new romper. 

  I made us tacos for lunch and I had mine on a salad with nectarines and a yogurt salsa ranch dressing. It was soooo delicious.   

Then we had a party to go to that was a lot of fun. There was a slip and slide and the food was so good. We had a good time and C was totally exhausted by the end of it. 

Sunday we had breakfast all together since J was home which was a nice treat.  I got a ton of laundry done and groceries. Then our neice was over and C and I babysat while her parents went to an event. It was my first time babysitting her and we had a lot of fun but man I had forgotten how much work toddlers can be!     

Dinner was burgers that we made from scratch and J grilled and I had mine with a yummy salad I made. 

It was a pretty great weekend that left me getting quite a bit accomplished and also a lot of relaxing got done. If it only it had been just a little bit longer …

How was your weekend? 



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