It’s All in the Wrists

Oh Monday… why must you be so cruel.  It started out just as good as I thought it would.  Work was nuts, the day went pretty quick and I was more than ready to sweat out some stress.  Speaking of sweat, we are in the middle of a heat wave here in Ontario so sweat is happening on the regular. 

The strength Monday was 5 reps of back squats.  I think I worked to 115 lbs and attempted 125 but just did 3 reps.  

WOD- 5 rounds 

1 min on/ 15 s rest 

Push press

Double unders 

Sit ups


This was tough. The burpees were killer and the push press got heavy really fast. The important thing to point out was the double unders. I got a new rope from my coach last week and I was ready to use it.  I was getting a few here and there and then my coach reminded me to use my wrists and boom!  I got it!  I got seven in a row!  I honestly think I could have done more because my glasses were falling off.  

these legs. killed it.

The evening was spent watching the Bachelorette finale.  Obvi. I was happy with the result but does it have to be so long?!?! It feels like it just dragged on. 

Tuesday I had to be at work for 630 am which feels really early for me. I had such a busy day and was feeling so tired by the time I left work. I had about an hour to myself before I had to pick up C so I took the opportunity to lay down and I had a glorious 20 min snooze. Then I got myself ready for the gym. 

I headed over after stopping for C to get a snack. I was NOT feeling it. Stretching I literally just wanted to lay down. Once we did the warm up I felt a little more energized. We started off with our push press challenge and I decided to increase to 90 lbs and my goal was 8 reps. Well I must have got Hercules strength out of no where and I managed to bust out 10 reps!  I felt so amazing after.  Then we did the wod which was different Tabata wods where it was 20 s of one movement and 10 s of another. 

Lunges/ Turkish get up

Mountain climbers/ plank

Sit ups/ v sits

Squats with a dumbbell press out/ push ups

Sprawls/ sprint on the spot 

I was so tired after this workout. I couldn’t wait to get home and lay down. Sadly it didn’t happen because #life.  

feeling jacked after the workout today
I got C dinner and showered and tucked to bed and did dishes and then finally sat down to eat. The plus side was I ate this amazing meal.   

It was so good. I had greens, veggies, feta, steak and nectarine on there and then the dressing was Bolthouse yogurt ranch dressing. I really enjoyed it and actually made a second one for lunch. Can’t wait to eat that again. 

I made it an early night and headed up to bed to try and feel more rested. Sometimes you just need some extra sleep. 

Do you like salads for dinner?

I’m enjoying them in the hot weather we are having these days. 


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