Killing it and a Surprise Visit 

I’ve been doing pretty good this week with my nutrition. I mean not as good as I could be but I’ve been better than I have been lately. I think the results are kind of showing in the gym because I have to say I have been killing it lately. 

On Monday I got seven double unders in my workout and Tuesday I did 10 reps of push press at 90 lbs!  Wednesday did not disappoint either. The strength was back squats and working to a 2 rep max. I banged off 150 lbs!!!  So I decided to check my book and my last 1 rep max I did was 145 so that was pretty awesome. Now I wonder what I could do with a one rep max.  I think I need to find out really soon. 

As if that wasn’t great enough I also had a surprise visit from an awesome friend. I got a text earlier in the day from my good friend who used to go to my gym but moved a couple of years ago. She told me she was in town and she was able to make it to the class tonight!  I was so happy to see her. It was a little sad because it wasn’t a partner wod and she used to always be my partner. 

WOD – 5 rounds

45 s heavy back squats (100 lbs) 

45 s pull ups

45 s push ups 

I liked this workout a lot. It didn’t sound like much but it was awesome and we still got a sweat on.  When that was done we all lined up with a set of Dumbbells (I had 12 lbs) and then we did 6 minutes of a curl, press and two lunges. After 4 minutes I thought my forearms and hands would fall off but I kept it up for the full 6 minutes. 

C was at her grandmas so I was lucky enough to have some time to stay behind and visit with B for a bit. I’m hoping to meet up with her one more time before she leaves. 

I definitely think it was a nice surprise that put a pep in my step after what’s been a pretty crappy week.  Let’s hope the rest of the week flies by and the LONG weekend gets here quick. 

Have you got a long weekend where you live? 

Long weekend plans? 

We actually have some pretty fun plans for this weekend! 


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