Slip and Flip: Long Weekend Fun 

Welp, here we are.  Another day and another weekend recap.  I have been a little MIA but man life got busy for me.  I talked here about how I was killing it with my nutrition during the week.  Well, it went downhill after that and I ate so bad during the weekend.  Lots of snacks, and lots of beer.

I have been great with my workouts, I went Thursday, Friday and Saturday to my regularly scheduled classes. Then no class Sunday which was fine because I had lots of prep for our party. We hosted a slip and flip party. I didn’t get any photos of it but this gives you the idea.  (Thank you Google)


We had lots of food for everyone.  We had burgers, hot dogs and sausage and of course corn.  I also made the best guacamole I have ever made which I plan to give a recipe for later in the week.  There was also a very good pasta salad I put together and coleslaw.  A few people brought some other things like dips and munchies.

For dessert I made a batch of brownies and also the most delicious cupcakes.   

These cupcakes were so good. Thankfully we have none left and I will probably never make them again because I can’t not eat them. They were sooooo good. 

The party didn’t go as late as we had anticipated which was kind of a good thing because it meant the next day I was able to be productive and still relax as well.  I even was able to get up early enough to make it to a class at the gym. We only had one class.  It was a team workout that had a ton of different movements including back squats, burpees, kettle bell swings, sprinting and the list goes on. 

The rest of the day was some party clean up and a lot of relaxing. It was really wonderful actually. I watched some of my shows and lounged and really took a break mentally from work which I needed. 

Now I am in countdown mode to my next vacation. Not too long and it’s going to be amazing!!  More on that later. xoxox


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