On my quest to eat better I decided to try a recipe I have been wanting to try for awhile. I’ve seen a bunch of recipes for chia pudding on Pinterest lately and I decided to give on a try.

I went with a Vanilla one that you can top with any type of topping. The recipe included vanilla almond milk, vanilla extract and honey and of course chia seeds. I’ve never had chia seeds before so it was a first. I divided the batch into 4 servings and left it overnight.

My first try I just had it with raspberries on top and I was pleasantly surprised with it. I think it’s kind of similar to a tapioca pudding texture wise. It had a really nice vanilla taste.  This morning I decided to add cinnamon and apricots and I was not disappointed

so tasty!
so tasty!

I definitely plan on trying out some other options.  I have seen a recipe using coconut milk that sounds so good, and another that was chocolate peanut butter.  I think that might have to be next.

Have you made chia pudding?  Any recipe suggestions for me?


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