Starting it Off Right

Wednesday morning I finally got my ass out of bed and headed out for a morning run.  I have been wanting to do it for awhile but am so terrible at mornings that I kept snoozing my alarm for almost an hour every day!!!


C is with my parents for the week so I do have extra time in the morning so I figured I better take advantage of it and be productive.  After going over every excuse I could think of I finally got up and threw on some running clothes and a hat and headed out.  It was such a pretty morning out, the sun was so bright, it smelled fresh (and farmy) out and it wasn’t too hot yet.  Pretty much perfect running conditions

I managed to stick to my healthy snacks and lunch all day and was on point with my water consumption. I headed to the gym after work and our strength was strict press. I managed to hit a PR with it and pressed 80lbs. The workout was sprints, pull ups, box steps and push ups with a row. My knees weren’t feeling it last night, probably from running in the morning so I subbed in some abs. 

We had friends for dinner and a BBQ on our new deck. I made my delicious guacamole again so I definitely ate an unhealthy amount of chips and guac.  

so freaking good

 We also had turkey burgers, no bun for me, corn and tomato salad. It was a really good dinner. Followed by a couple of games of Euchre. It was a great night. It felt like a weekend but sadly it’s not yet. Sigh. 

Favourite card game? 

I like euchre but my faves are asshole and canasta. And I also like cribbage. I love playing cards. 



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