I Was on a Break 

I guess I accidentally took a blogging break there for a few days. I can’t say it was on purpose but I just didn’t have much I wanted to say really. I was doing well with my eating last week and feeling really good about it. The weekend was a bit of a different story but it always is. My workouts have been consistent and amazing so no update there. 

The weekend was a great one. C had spent the week prior with my parents so she came home on Friday so the three of us went out for dinner. Saturday I got up and we went to the gym where we did a partner workout that included squatting, farmers carry and a bunch of other movements. 

Saturday night we went out with friends for dinner and I managed to achieve waves in my hair for the first time since I cut it and I actually liked my chopped hair.  

Sunday we had my family over to celebrate our new porch and deck and we had an amazing BBQ. James made pork tenderloins and burgers and corn. I made a tomato salad that turned out really great. 

  James also made sautéed peaches and apricots which we served with whipped cream. Everything turned out so good and we managed to make it a pretty healthy lunch.  

Monday was back to being an adult and working and I wasn’t happy about it. I went to the gym after work and we did our August challenge which is 10 reps of back squats. I repped off 10 at 125 lbs. I impressed myself. ps did I tell you guys I was the winner of the July challenge?!  I won for my 10 reps at 90 lbs for the push press challenge. 


6 rounds

40 mountain climbers

10 push ups

10 air squats

12 sit ups

I felt pretty good after and ran a couple of errands before I headed home. It was pouring rain which made me crave something comforting so I treated myself to Starbucks. The evening was full of laundry and just watching tv. I also had a call with my bestie to discuss my visit with her later this week. More on this excitement later!! 

Was your weekend relaxing or busy?


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