One. More. Sleep

So something pretty amazing I happening tomorrow.  C and I are jumping on a plane and heading to Vancouver to visit my bestie!!!  I really could not be more excited about it… well actually, maybe I could because in comparison to C I may not seem excited.  She is bouncing off the walls excited.  Kind of like this:

this is how excited C is right now.
this is how excited C is right now.

I mean I am excited too.  I haven’t seen my bestie since her wedding at the end of May.  It was such an amazing day to see her so happy marrying the perfect guy for her.  And it was so nice to have her home… but it was a whirlwind and I didn’t get to spend enough one on one time with her.  This weekend I pretty much have her all to myself.


Last night C and I went to the gym, where she got spoiled by my coach with a pop tart while I did a really tough workout.  We started off with about 12 minutes to work on some skills and I worked on my double unders which I kicked ass on.  I am getting pretty good at them.  Good enough that I think I could actually do them for real when they are in a workout.

WOD- 20 min AMRAP

200 min sprint

strict press


sit ups

We did this in a team of four so basically you moved on to the next one based on the timing of the runner.  We counted our burpees and as a team our total was 257.  It was a killer and my arms are feeling those presses today.  I did a couple rounds with 55 lbs on my barbell and then moved down to 45 lbs when it got too heavy.

The rest of the evening was shopping, laundry and getting ready for tomorrow’s big adventure.  Can’t wait to see you L!!!

Do you have any fun trips coming up before the end of summer?


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