Back at It 

So after a few days away with a lot of walking but no real workouts for me, I was ready to get back to the gym and back at it. I was feeling the effects of the weekend in terms of my indulgences and the time adjustment.  

The workout that was planned was not an easy one at all. In other words I got my butt kicked on my first day back. 


20 min AMRAP


Box step ups

Goblet squats

Push ups

Double unders

Sit ups

Ankle toe touches 

So basically, we did one round of 30 each, one of 20 each and the last of 10 of each. The kicker was that EMOTM we had to do 3 burpees!  Ouch!!  It was killer!!!  What a workout to come back to!  

just kidding. i sweat. and i love it.

Wednesday I had a pretty crappy day. It started with an 8 am dentist appointment. I don’t know if I have ever mentioned this but I really dislike going to the dentist. To the point where I usually end up having an anxiety attack in the chair. Which is pretty much what happened to me again. In addition I thought I was going for one filling and it turned out I was there for three fillings.  

worst. news. ever.

My day didn’t get much better from there. I went to work with one side of my face completely frozen and I had to drink my morning tea with a straw. 

I had a doctors appointment in the afternoon and was sure I was going to miss my workout but I managed to get home just in time to make it. 


20 min AMRAP 

Prowler push and sprint 

7 push press/ 7 front squats/ lunges 

10 sit ups/ 10 bicycles/ spell your name out with your legs 

We had teams for this and cycled through each set of movements based on the timing of the prowler and sprint. It was REALLY hot out so the prowler was not as fun as it sounds. Wait. Does the prowler ever sound fun?  Oh and our strength was doing sets of 5 strict press. I think my arms will be feeling this workout for the rest of the week! 

It is definitely feeling good to be back at it again. Even if it feels like it’s killing me for a few days. xoxo

Do you have a tough time after missing a few workouts? 


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