Prowler’s and Pitching In 

This has been a great weekend. Despite the fact that I had a short week at work it sure seemed to take forever. Thursday I hit the evening class at the gym and it was one of those workouts where it doesn’t sound like much and then it totally kicks your butt. The strength was back squats and I wasn’t feeling super strong. 


45 s each

1/2 burpees

Push up with arm rows

Sit ups

Ankle touches

We did 3 rounds of this and then rested for 45 s and then did another 3. It wasn’t very fun. When I got home J was making dinner and had grilled up an amazing meal for us.  

i think he’s a keeper

Friday there were no classes so I decided to go for a run. When I got home I was getting changed and I made the mistake of laying down and this happened. 


just leave me here
I did finally get up (after a short snooze) and I got ready to run. I wasn’t really feeling it but I knew I should just go and get out since it was a beautiful evening.  
reluctant but ready


It wasn’t a great run. My legs were heavy and I took a lot of walking breaks. But the thing is I went and that’s got to mean something. I could have just stayed in bed. 

Saturday morning I hit up the gym and our coach told us we were doing the beep test (sprints). He was met with a reluctant response so he decided to scratch that and put together a different workout. It. Was. Killer. 

In teams we did:

Prowler push

Heavy deadlifts 

10 push press/ box steps with high knees 

Basically as a team we rotated based on the timing of the prowler push. I used 145 lbs for my deadlifts and got about 2-3 off the ground per round. We used 15 lbs for our presses and they were mostly strict presses. The workout went for about 22 minutes. After we finished a friend and I decided to go enjoy a drink at Starbucks before heading home. 

The farm was short staffed for the weekend so I got to pitch in and I helped sell at the stand. It was a beautiful weekend and it was nice be outside. I actually had a lot of fun. C helped for a couple hours as well until she went to a sleepover at a friends.   

so peaceful
Both J and I were so tired after our busy day that we didn’t do anything during the evening. We got take out and enjoyed a quiet night in.  It was a pretty great start to the weekend. 

How has your weekend been so far? 



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