I Ate Pie for Breakfast

So I think I hit a new low with my nutrition. I can’t seem to get my shit together these days and I don’t know what’s going on with me. What makes it worse is that I KNOW what I need to do but I just can’t stick to anything. 

We had bought a peach pie on the weekend and as I mentioned it is my very favourite pie flavour. So I decided that even though I had prepared my chia pudding for the next couple of days I would eat a slice of pie for breakfast instead.  

How can I get back on track?  I really don’t know to be honest other than to have someone follow me around and slap ththe food out of my hands. Is anyone available to do that for me?   

I hit up the gym Monday night and we did back squats as our strength. I did about 4 or 5 reps at 125 lbs. 


16 min AMRAP

200 m run

10 push press

10 sit ups

15 double unders 

I used 55 lbs for the push presses and I think I could have probably used 65 lbs. for the double unders for those of us that are not totally mastered with them we could do 7 of them combined with skipping so that’s what I did. It felt pretty great and I really liked that workout a lot. 

I stopped and got groceries so that I could make a healthier attempt for the next couple of days. I packed a healthy lunch and snacks and I plan to make a real effort. I hope I can stick with it but I know it will be really tough. I just don’t have the drive I did before. Maybe I need a goal?  Who knows. 

Do you find it hard to stick to healthy eating?

I didn’t before my wedding. I think having that goal helped me. Now I need to learn how to make it a lifestyle. 


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