Day 1- No Pie

Welp today was a success in the fact that I did not eat pie for breakfast. So that’s a win right there really when it comes to my quest to eat better. I had a chia pudding for breakfast and 2 pieces of chicken bacon. I packed a super healthy lunch and stuck to it which is good. I did ok with my water but that could be better yet. 

Today’s workout was a lot of fun. We started out doing some sprints in the parking lot for about 7 minutes or so and I liked it a lot. Then we played a game like an old school yard game where two people linked hands and tried to catch the others as they sprint by. As people get caught they join the chain. I was never a fan of those games because I was weak and not fast and always got caught. I got immediately nervous but I actually had fun. 


P1- sprint, 10 body rows, 10 sit ups

P2- 5 push press, 5 front squats, 5 thrusters, 1 manmaker 

P3- 20 bicycles, lunges 

The idea was to switch off based on the time for the first partners sprint etc. Then we did our lunges cumulative and added them. We totalled 573 lunges!  Crazy. My legs are already sore. Walking might be interesting tomorrow. 

For dinner we made tortilla pizzas and I decided to make mine with a Mexican flair.  


I used salsa instead of pizza sauce and topped it with tex mex cheese, chicken, and corn. After it was done I added avocado and a bit of Greek yogurt. Oh man it was really good. I highly recommend it. It was so easy too and surprisingly filling. 

Hope you like it! xoxo

What are your favourite pizza toppings? 

On regular pizza from our favourite place I always get meatballs and pineapple. 


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