Feeling Grateful and So Sore

My poor legs and hips have been sore ever since our wod on Tuesday. I’m guessing it was the lunges because oh man my quads and my hips are killing me. My hips especially. I feel like an old lady. I didn’t let it stop me from going to the gym on Wednesday night. I had to go to a later class and bring C with me. She has been a good sport this week coming with me every day.  J was out for the evening so C and I would be on our own for dinner. When I got to the gym my friend told me she was meeting another girl from our gym for shawarma so C and I decided to join them. We had to get through the workout first. 

Strength was sets of two push press. It was supposed to be 2 front squats and 1 push press but since we both had such fried legs coach changed it to push press. We shared a bar and before I realized how much we were lifting I repped off 2 reps at 105 lbs!  I was pretty happy with that. 



5 dumbell presses from knees (each side)

5 Turkish get ups- just the first part, not getting all the way up – each side

5 push ups 

We did 4 rounds and it felt a lot harder than it sounded. We then headed to get dinner and meet up with our other friend. We had such a nice time together and when I got home and reflected on my evening all I could think was how lucky I am to have found a place I feel so comfortable and such amazing people.  I have made such wonderful friends there; friendships that have continued outside of the gym. I really do feel so grateful to have these people in my life. 


for me not the morning but still so very true

Thursday I woke up and I was still so sore in my legs and hips. It’s weird how it’s sore but it still kind of feels good. Like pride in how hard you worked. 

Thursday’s workout was also a good one. The strength I chose was strict press. We repped 5 and I worked up to 5 @ 70 lbs. not too shabby. 


P1- 800 m run  P2- abs

P1- 400 m run, P2- burpees

P1- 200 m run, P2- man makers

I liked this workout a lot. I love the ones where we run and do other stuff in between. I felt good running today. Maybe the eating healthy is paying off? 

Speaking of eating healthy we had this amazing dinner.  

homemade turkey burgers, grilled peppers and zucchini and guac

It was such a good dinner. J really is an amazing griller. The burgers were cooked perfectly and his zucchini is incredible. 

We finally made it to Friday friends!  That’s a reason to celebrate! 


Have you got anything planned for the weekend? 

We have a busy weekend ahead and I cannot wait!  


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