Weekend Feels

The weekend is off to a pretty great start. Friday after work I wasn’t able to make the class at the gym so I decided to take a rest day. I took full advantage of it and decided to do exactly that. I had a pretty awesome nap. The kind where you wake up and you are like what just happened?   

When I finally got myself together I made a quick dinner for C and I. J had to work late. Then C and I headed to her friends and picked them up and we went to a movie in the park. It was a big outdoor screen and we watched the movie Big Hero 6. If you haven’t seen it you really should. It was so sweet. 

Saturday morning was a regular gym morning. We did a team workout. 

P1- farmers carry, Sprint

P2- 5 front squats, 5 push press, 5 thrusters 

P3- 10 Russian twist, 10 sit ups, 10 crunches 

We did this for 20 minutes. I used 35 lb Dumbbells for the farmers carry and 55 lbs on the bar for the other lifts. Then we finished with a lunge and Sprint wod. 

After I got home and showered C and I got in the car and drove to my parents where we had lunch. My sister and her family were there for the day and we had a nice afternoon visiting and watching the Jays game.  C stayed there as she is staying with them for the week and I came home. I took the back roads and drove through the country and it was such a nice drive.  

country roads

I had the windows and down and the music up and it was a nice drive. For the evening we went to two different parties before heading home. It was a nice night. Now we have big baseball related plans for today so I must get my bluejay spirit on. 

Let’s go jays!! 


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