Good Eats and Less Treats 

I’ve been pretty good this week. I mean not perfect and definitely some weak will power moments but I’m doing my best to stick to what I pack in my lunch.  Tuesday I got up early because C just couldn’t contain her excitement for the first day of school. I used the extra time to my advantage and did a quick workout with skipping for every other minute and adding in some other movements for the rest. It was a great way to start the day. I also made myself a healthy breakfast.


grade 4 already?
I didn’t go to the gym that night because C had Guides to attend. I was on my own for dinner so I made this creation of leftover pulled pork on an English muffin topped with a fried egg. I enjoyed this watching an episode of Catfish.    

Wednesday I intended on getting up early again but I had a headache that wouldn’t quit. I instead snoozed and missed my chance for a healthy breakfast so I packed some turkey bacon and a peach instead. My lunch was still healthy as I had made it the night before. 

I did get to the gym and the new monthly challenge was what we started with. It was 75 s of clean and press. I did 11 reps at 65 lbs. I was surprised how fast the time went. 

Wod- EMOTM- 12 minutes

3 burpees pull ups

5 goblet squats

7 jack knives 

This was pretty tough. We finished with some more abs. We had a late dinner as J worked late and C was with her grandma. J grilled and we made a zucchini creation that was Asian flavours and quite spicy. It was really good. 


The best part is there was leftovers for my lunch too.  So it’s been pretty good so far. Let’s see if I can keep it up. With yummy meals like these it shouldn’t be too hard. 

What’s your favourite healthy meal? 


2 thoughts on “Good Eats and Less Treats 

  1. I love leftovers. I actually plan my dinner meals so there will be enough left for me to take for lunch the next day. This week, I actually made a giant quinoa casserole on Monday so I would have lunches for the whole week. I’ve found that planning makes or breaks my food week. This week has been good so far…and tomorrow’s Friday…wohoo!

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