What a Weekend!

For someone going into the weekend thinking it wouldn’t be too eventful it sure ended up being a pretty fun and busy one.  Friday it started with a trip to the gym where we celebrated our favourite day of the week – deadlift day. We did heavy singles to start and then did deficit deadlifts for reps. I had broke my PR with a lift at 215 and my coach told me to throw another 5 lbs on and I managed to pull a pretty solid 220 lbs!  

It felt amazing. I love how this video shows the encouragement and support at my gym. 


Run 400 m/ 200 m/ sprint/ 200 m / 400m 

After each run we did this circuit:

10 box step ups

6 front squats

6 push press

6 thrusters

5 burpees 

This was a pretty dirty workout for a Friday. It was hard. There was a 20 min cap but I finished it even when the clock went. I don’t like leaving it not done. 

Saturday morning I was working at the corn stand so I didn’t make the workout. I was feeling the effects of Friday’s workout so I was ok with not going.  

it was chilly out

Saturday was J’s baseball plays offs so we had the game and the team party at our place. It was a late late night. 

Sunday we had tickets we got last minute to go see the Buffalo Bills home opener game. We went early and tailgates and went to the game. The energy and the crowd was like nothing I’ve ever witnessed. They sure do love their team in Buffalo.   

All the excitement left me really tired and it was an early night to bed Sunday. Monday I was tired but had a productive day at work. I hit the gym after work and we did back squats for the strength. 


5 rounds

200 m run

10 goblet squats

10 pull ups

10 push ups

There was a 16 minute cap but again I went over but finished.  I felt really good and was glad I went instead of napping despite the earlier temptation. 

It was a pretty good start to the week after a busy weekend. And it was an early night to bed Monday to try and catch up. xoxo

Have you ever been to an NFL game? 


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