That’s Gonna Hurt

After recovering from such a busy weekend I was ready to get back into a routine. Tuesday I had good intentions of getting up early and doing a little workout but I chose sleep instead. I then planned to do a workout when I got home but I ended up working really late then I was rushed to get C and get her home and fed and ready for Guides. When I finally had the time to workout I was tired.  

this is all i wanted to do

So the rest won out. Then came Wednesday. No workout in the morning because I had an event to attend which meant I had to get up earlier than usual. I knew I was planning to go to the gym after work too. 

I didn’t get out of work on time so I had to bring C with me and go to a later class. I was thrilled when I got there that some of my friends did the same thing. It makes it so much more fun. We started with our September challenge which was 75 seconds of clean and press. My last time trying it I repped off 11 at 65 lbs. I was feeling strong today as I warmed up so I decided to increase and do 75 lbs. I managed to get 11 again so that felt pretty awesome. I was so wiped after though my legs were shaky. Then came the workout. 

14 minutes in a team 

P1- prowler and Sprint

P2- abs

P3- burpees 

Ouch!  To top it off we were given the heavy sled to push and at one point I honestly thought I might throw up. It was killer. 

Since we worked so hard my friend and I decided we deserved shwarma for dinner and we went out together (with C). Sadly J was working late but we did drop him off some dinner too. 

As I ran up the stairs from doing laundry I immediately knew my legs were going to be sore tomorrow. I could tell already it was going to be one of those days. 

here’s hoping i dont drop anything

Wish me luck that I am not too sore! Enjoy the rest of the week! xoxo


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