Hi! I’m Melissa, a 30 something Mom who works hard and is trying to stay fit and healthy and having fun while doing it.

I went through some major life changes a few years ago and took up running as an outlet and ran my first (and only) half marathon in November 2011. I never thought I could accomplish such a feat! I have never been an athletic person at all but needed a way to be alone and have time to really think- so running did that for me.
image (3)

Now I am in a much happier place in my life (the perfect place) and have an amazing boyfriend who makes me feel special every single day. I have a beautiful daughter who lights up our lives.

three of us

I have discovered a new passion in my life now as my IT band has sidelined running for me (for now anyway)- crossfit! I love the sense of accomplishment I get when I set a new record for lifting, or acheive something I never thought I could do. I am still learning so much and loving every minute of it.


This blog is by no means to give you advice on how to exercise, or eat, or live your lives. It’s mainly just an outlet for me to talk about mine. Hopefully you enjoy my ramblings.



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  1. Hi Melissa! I’m posting from my husbands account 🙂 My name is Christine and I really enjoy reading your blog! I saw that you are into health and fitness on a comment you made, I just wanted to invite you (and anyone else) that would like to, to LIKE my health and fitness page on FB. My husband and I run the page, and he is an ICU nurse, so it’s nice to have his insight and frequent comments! I post several times each day and it’s purpose is to inspire, motivate, hold challenge groups, ask questions, share personal accomplishments, and most importantly, SEE RESULTS! I hope you’ll join in on all the fun, it is very exciting! Thanks! (The link is right below) 🙂

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