A Recap of Sorts

oh hi there!  I guess I took a bit of an unexpected hiatus from here. Oops. I guess life got in the way again. #rude 

So what has been going on with me?  Not much really. When I last left you I mentioned we were going to a Jays game. Well we did that and it was so.much.fun. We went with friends of ours and we ended up have the most amazing seats.  

our view

J and I are fans of the Jays every year. This year they are doing really well and the fan base has really grown (cough cough bandwagon) and so the games are MUCH busier than we are used to. It’s great but the lines are a lot longer and crowds aren’t my favourite. But I sucked it up and we had a blast.  

see how much fun we had?!

We may have had a little too much fun which resulted in quite a headache later that evening. I managed to get through it and felt surprisingly ok the next day for work.  I made it in for my usual workouts Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and then took Thursday off because I had a very important appointment.  


Thankfully most of the week is behind me and the weekend is upon me again. It’s a long weekend which is amazing and it’s what feels like the last weekend of Summer. We need to make it count. Before we know it there will be all the pumpkin things stuffed in our faces reminding us summer is over.   

Sorry friends but I couldn’t care less about pumpkin spice lattes. I don’t get what all the hype is about. 

Anyhoo lets enjoy the last weekend before school starts and we are back to our routine and the days get shorter and the weather gets cooler. 


Pumpkin spice- can you even? 


Baseball Trip Recap : Detroit

What an awesome weekend we had. It was the perfect escape and we had such a great time. We left Friday morning as planned and loaded up on snacks for our journey to Detroit.  We planned our trip so we could stop for lunch in Windsor and try a burger joint that looked really cool. 

We made it in good time and stopped at Motorburger and it did not disappoint. They are also a brewery so we tried a sampling of beer where is discovered a dark ale I liked.  

I didn’t take any photos of our food but we split a poutine which was Ah.ma.zing and I got a burger with peanut butter and pancetta. It was soooooo good. 

We made it to Detroit and decided to hit up a pub for a drink before dinner. We went to a little sports bar and got a beer with a bunch of  Detroit Tigers fans. We got really inspired by all the baseball fans and decided to get last minute tickets to the game and cancel our dinner reservation.  

It was a sad game because the Jays were losing for most of it. They came back in the 8th inning and scored 5 runs but it wasn’t enough and they lost.  We didn’t go out after we just went back to the hotel. 

The next morning we went for a delicious breakfast and then went back to get ready for the game. I got ready in my Blue Jays gear.   

We went the sports bar again before the game and then went over. It was busy and there was a lot of Jays fans there. Sadly we didn’t win again but we had a great time. After the game we went to a pub where we made friends with some other Jays fans  

We then went out for dinner for Greek food and it was sooooo delicious. We had to get Greek because we were staying in Greektown so it was only fitting.  


It was a great weekend away. We had an awesome time and it felt like the perfect escape.  

the highlights

I think we need to start planning our next adventure.  Hmmmm what should we do next? 

Any baseball fans out there? 

Favourite baseball team? 

I’m Ready to Party

Well my American friends this is your weekend to let loose and celebrate your great country. We had the pleasure of celebrating Canada on Wednesday but I decided I love my American neighbours so much I want to celebrate their day too. That and the Toronto Blue Jays are playing a series just over the border.   So my love and I are heading to Detroit to watch some baseball. Which means I also get a long weekend.  

lets do this

I managed to squeeze in one last gym session last night after work which made me happy since I am taking the weekend off from working out and I will be doing a lot of indulging.  

We started with the dreaded “death by burpees”. Basically you do one burpee in one minute and then increase the burpees each minute. The first few minutes are easy peasy but it gets sucky pretty quickly.  I made it up to 11 but stopped there. I am kicking myself for not attempting 12. 

The next part of the workout was with a partner. For 8 minutes one sprinted and the other did push press. Then we totalled our push press and we did 138. I did half of them at 55lbs but dropped to 45lbs. 

We finished with some partner abs where we passed a medicine ball back and forth with Russian twists and sit ups. It felt really good. 

So now we are on our way to our baseball weekend adventure and I can’t wait to cheer our team on!  

  I hope you all have an excellent weekend! xoxo

Here’s What’s Up

Oh hi there!  I realize I have been a little bit MIA but the weekend got away from me there.  Let’s recap shall we?

1. Friday– I took the afternoon off work for some me time.  I went to the gym at noon and I enjoyed a nice strength session of deadlifting to a two rep max.  I was feeling strong and worked to 2 reps at 190 lbs!  Not bad right??!!  Then we had an awesome workout and sadly I can’t remember it enough to recap it.  I know I felt amazing when we were done and there were definitely pull ups in it and it was definitely an AMRAP.

After the gym I ran some errands and went and treated myself to a manicure.  I had a wedding to go to and since J was out of time my sister in law was my date.  We hadn’t had a night out together in a while and I think it’s safe to say we made the most of it and had an amazing time.

getting a little silly
getting a little silly

2. Saturday– it was an early morning and I was feeling a little rough after the silliness of the night before.  I got myself ready and as I got moving I noticed a lot of soreness in my back.  Fortunately I was heading to a chiro appointment that morning, but it turns out I did something my back didn’t like.  I am attributing it either to my deadlifting, though I never felt anything during or right after, or the fact that I wore a pretty high heel for a lot longer than I am used to at the wedding and after, on a concrete floor for the night.  It also may have been a little bit of both.

After chiro I headed to my parent’s house with C and my Mom and cousin and I went shopping while C had a day with her Opa.  We had a nice time and hit up the outlets.  I used my birthday money and bought a gorgeous new Cole Haan purse.  Then we had a nice family dinner.  Sadly, I was uncomfortable for most of the day because of my back.  The drive made it a lot worse, and I tried a couple things on when we were shopping and it was not fun so I didn’t do much in the way of clothes shopping.

3.  Sunday–  C and I got up from our sleepover we had Saturday, and we went out for breakfast.  Then we did some groceries and then finally it was time to go to the airport to pick up J.  We were both really excited to see him and I am so happy to have him home now.  On our way home we stopped and got something to eat and then had a nice quiet night at home.  I had to take some muscle relaxants because my back got really sore.

sore back

4. Monday– I woke up and once I was moving my back felt better.  Throughout the day there were moments where it got uncomfortable in certain positions but it felt better than it had all weekend.  It was a busy day and I ate lunch super late.  I had tried something new and it was a really yummy combination.

avocado, with tuna and apple mixed with a little greek yogurt.  and old faithful super kale salad.
avocado, with tuna and apple mixed with a little greek yogurt. and old faithful super kale salad.

It was really good and I will definitely make this again.  The rest of the day flew by and it ended with a late off site meeting that meant I wouldn’t make it to the gym.  It was probably not the worst thing for my back.  It was a really warm day so I thought I might be able to get a run in, but sadly after my meeting it was rainy and super windy.

I did get a home workout in which included skipping, some arm work with dumbbells, goblet squats and then some ab work doing plank variations.  It felt good and I managed to find lots of movements that didn’t aggravate my back.  Dinner was steak and broccoli.  IMG_8672The evening was exciting because it was the Blue Jays home opener.  Sadly we weren’t at the game but we watched it on tv.  I think that gets us all caught up.  I will do my best not to be absent for as long but sadly life can really get in the way.  Rude.

Any baseball fans out there?

Back Squats and Sunburns

I really didn’t feel like I got too much sun at all on the weekend.  I was smart and used sunscreen but we did spend the whole afternoon outside so it’s not surprising that I got a little burn.  I didn’t really feel any burn until I put that bar on my back.  Ouch!

Today was a typical Monday.  I got up and made my breakfast, it was easy since I had prepped it last night.  I had a chicken sausage and a protein crepe and some fruit.  It was so delicious.  Work was good, it went by pretty quick because I was really busy.  My eating was on point as I stuck only to what I packed.  Even though the lunch room had a whole bunch of chocolate chips cookies in it.  I even walked in just after someone warmed one up and it smelled so good.

Headed to CrossFit straight from work and was happy to discover that today’s wod was all about lifting.  There was actually a choice between two, one that had a lot of running and cardio or one that was mostly lifting.  Since I covered 16km on Saturday I decided I would focus on lifting today.



20 min AMRAP

farmer’s carry

3 back squats

1 deadlift

The idea was to go heavy this one, and not worry too much about how many rounds we got in.  I used 85 lbs for my back squat and 165 lbs for my deadlift.  It felt good to lift tonight.  It was just what I needed.  Tonight’s planned meal was a real treat.  Since it was post workout (lifting) it had carbs and it had rice in it.  We had Chicken Fried Rice.  It was so yummy and we all had it so there was no making separate dinners which was really nice.

so yummy!
so yummy!

Then I got my snacks and lunch packed for tomorrow so I am organized for that as well.  I am excited because I have a delicious lunch packed.  It’s the same dinner I made for myself last night which was a Mexican Omelet.

this turned out so good
this turned out so good

I made another one last night for tomorrow’s lunch.  I have packed so many Tupperware’s with all the little components.  It’s going to be so good.  I have been trying to make everything in multiple servings to help me have stuff ready and accessible for meals as they are needed.

Now we are anxiously waiting for the home run derby to start.  C wanted to watch it with us but sadly the delays have brought it pretty close to bedtime so hopefully it will start soon so she can see some of it.

I hope everyone had a good Monday- it’s already one day over and into the week.  We are that much closer to the weekend friends!


Do you like watching the homerun derby?

I like seeing the hits one after the next.  it’s impressive.


What do you prefer?  Lifting or cardio?

I would pick lifting, but I do like wod’s that mix in both.  It’s nice to get a good sweat on too with some cardio.

Happy Birthday Canada!

It’s Canada Day here and that means it’s a holiday. It’s weird because it falls on a Tuesday this year which means I went to work yesterday and am off today. First let’s recap yesterday.

I went to CrossFit after work and did two wods.

4 rds
Overhead lunges
Kettlebell swings
Hand release push ups
Jack knives

50 sit ups
1 min plank
40 sit ups
1 min plank
30 sit ups
1 min plank
20 sit ups
1 min plank
10 sit ups
1 min plank

I got home and had my dinner and it was a quiet night for me. J went to play baseball and C is at her grandparents so it was just me and the boys on the Bachelorette.

Today J and I had plans to celebrate Canada Day at a baseball game. We are big Blue Jays fans and we haven’t been to a game yet this year. I got him the tickets as a Fathers Day gift.

I got up and decided to get a bit of a workout in before we left. I went for a run but used my HIIT timer and did it as follows:

3 min warm up jog
10 sets of 30 second sprints with a one minute lower intensity walk/ run in between.
5 min cool down jog

I was so sweaty when I got home because it was so hot out. I did a Tabata plank workout to finish off.

can you spot the cat tail?

Then we headed into Toronto for the game. It was really fun and there was a great energy there for Canada Day. We had a great time.

They won!!!  Sorry Brewers Fans!
They won!!! Sorry Brewers Fans!

When we got home we made the most delicious dinner of steak and zucchini. It was nice and light after a really hot day.


It was nice to have the day off to help celebrate Canada’s 147th birthday. I did my best to make it a great day. The only thing missing was cake!


How did you celebrate Canada Day?


Do you like going to baseball games?

10 Interesting Things

I am going to be attending a work function in a couple weeks with a large group of strangers.  It will be in another city that I will have to fly to… ALONE.  If you know me well you know that I really have a comfort zone and my bubble doesn’t stretch very far at all.  So the trip in itself is uncomfortable.  What makes it even worse is that I was asked to send a fact about myself that no one else would no about me, that I am ok with my work colleagues knowing.  Sounds easy right?

Nope.  Here I sit trying to come up with something interesting about myself and I got nothing.  So I did what I do for any situation where I don’t know the answer.  I ask those that love me.  I asked my sister and J so far and I did get some good suggestions, but I don’t know if they are THE answers.  Here’s what we have come up with so far.

1.  I can deadlift 205 lbs.  This may impress any non lifters but is it interesting enough?

my happy place
my happy place

2. I have an irrational fear of lighters.  This is so true.  It’s unique that’s for sure.  Don’t come near me with one, don’t even joke about lighting one on me.  Just don’t.

3.  J suggested I show them my “move”.  I have a dance move that I only bust out at “the right time”.  I am not sure that a work function is “that” time.

4.  I have lifted over 100 lbs over my head.  More than once.  And it feels AMAZING.


5.  I have a severe allergy to grass and hay and chose to live on a farm.  Not the best combination but worth it to be with the one I love.  As long as he doesn’t come near me when he gets home from work until he has a very thorough shower to remove all traces of grass and hay.

farm life
farm life

6. I have run a half marathon.  I would someday like to run another one, and my goal is to complete the full Around the Bay 30 km.

Me running the Around the Bay 15k relay, March 2012
Me running the Around the Bay 15k relay, March 2012

7.  J and I like to travel and go to different baseball stadiums.  We would love to go to every Major League Stadium at some point in our lives.

At the Cubs game last summer
At the Cubs game last summer

8.  I love the smell of skunk.  Honestly, people think I am nuts but I like it.  I love when I am driving and I drive through an area where one has sprayed.

9.  I am getting married to the love of my life and very best friend in 161 days.  Holy crap that’s soon!!!

10. I take A LOT of selfies.  Like a lot more than I post.  I am not vain, but sometimes I use a selfie as a mirror.  I don’t think I am alone on this but I won’t be sharing this with my colleagues.

I guess I have some material to work with.  I haven’t quite decided which I will share, but I have definitely narrowed it down.  I am also going to keep thinking of more over the weekend so maybe I can have enough material for a part two post?!


Now it’s your turn- tell me a fun fact about you?