Long Weekend Living

its labour day weekend here in these parts and while we have to prepare ourselves to get back to the daily grind and our regularly scheduled lives we decided to make the most of what feels like our last summer weekend. 

Friday I snuck out of work early and my friend N and I got a lift from my amazing husband to the train station where we headed down to Toronto to the CNE. We stopped at a couple patios and enjoyed some drinks and delicious food and then we headed to the Zac Brown band concert. It was a beautiful night.   


We had a lot of fun. The show was really good. It was a sold out crowd and everyone was singing along. We had so much fun. 

having fun
The problem with the concert was that the train ride home was so annoying. It was so packed and we had to push our way on. It turns out there was a lot going on in the city that night. We got home late. 

The next morning N and I had agreed to meet at the gym. There was no class but there was an open gym so we could do our own thing. I made a few protein pancakes and ate those before I headed over.  


We started with deadlifts and worked on heavy singles. We worked up to what was a new PR for me and I pulled 210lbs!! I was pretty excited about it. Then we did 10 minutes of sled pushes outside and it was so hot. We also did sprints in between. And I am not going to lie about it, it was pretty terrible and hot. Then we did about 3 rounds of pull-ups in different variations. And some push ups.  It was a killer workout but we were so glad we did it. 

Later that day I headed to my parents house to pick up C. After we got her we headed to the mall where I finally got the hoodie I wanted from Lululemon. It was sold out online but I found one at the mall that they put aside for me.  That night we went with friends of ours to Ribfest. It’s a yearly tradition and it didn’t disappoint. 

Sunday we got packed up in the morning and headed to Port Dover to J’s parents’ camper for the day and night.  

Dover bound

We spent the day at the beach and then went for fish and chips for dinner. Then we played a round of mini golf. When we got home we went to his grandparents camper and had a bonfire. It was a really nice little getaway. 

Now all that’s left is to suck up the rest of the weekend. Let’s hope time slows and it’s a long wonderful day. Tomorrow it’s back to the real world.  xoxo

How did you spend your long weekend? 


A Rockin’ Monday Night

Monday was pretty exciting around here this week.  After work I made it just in time to the gym. It was a smaller class than usual. We started with a strength wod which was to work to a 2 RM on our back squat. I am happy to say I hit a PR for it and did 2 reps at 145 lbs. It felt great!  And my legs are feeling it today for sure. 



Push press 



This was killer. The burpees killed me especially going into the sprint. I used 55 lbs for the push press and it was heavy to start but as the reps decreased it wasn’t bad.  I was wiped at the end of this wod. We finished with some sit ups. 

I finished up and got home as quick as I could so I could get showered and ready for my exciting night. It was exciting because it was a girls night and we went to see Shania Twain!!  It was nice to get together with a great group of girls and enjoy a night out.  

so much fun!

She put on an amazing performance and we sang along to every word. I forgot how many amazing songs she has!!  We got home later than I thought it would be but it was totally worth it. 

How was your Monday this week? 

What was the last concert you went to? 

Workout Fail, a Concert and Free Shoes!

I’m a little late to the weekend recap party but hey better late than not at all right?  The weekend was a glorious long weekend for me and we had a blast.  Friday night it was off to a rough start.  I really wanted to make the gym since I missed some of my scheduled workouts during that week, but I was rushed and stressed and I made it but was really flustered.  It was one of those bad days where the workout was going to be just what I needed or a terrible idea.  Sadly, it ended up just being a bad idea.  I don’t even really remember what we did, it was just brutal.  Everything hurt and I felt like a bag of shit during it.  I won’t even recap the wod because I think I blocked it out of mind it went so terribly.

Saturday morning I was off to a better start and made it to the workout and it felt much better.  It was a team workout and there was three of us on our team.  The first wod included double unders, man makers and lunges.  Then we did a second one that had plate pushes, burpees and sit ups.  We got it done and I left feeling much better than I did after Friday’s workout.  The afternoon was spent running errands and then we had a visit with friends Saturday night.

Sunday was a very exciting day.  We got up and I made a delicious crepe breakfast.  I did a short yoga and pilates workout which felt really great to get all bendy and stretchy.  J and I had the Garth Brooks concert that night.  It was in Buffalo so we had made plans to stay the night and make a night of it.  We got there in time to get settled and then got ready for the show.

dusted off the cowboy boots
dusted off the cowboy boots

We met up with friends for dinner and drinks before the show.  It was so busy, the restaurants were all booked up and we barely were able to find a table.  We had a good time with our friends and headed over to the concert where we parted ways since we didn’t have seats together.  J and I got our souvenir koozies.


We had all right seats.  The concert was AMAZING!!!  We had such a great time!!!  I have been wanting to see Garth for years, you could even say that was a bucket list item crossed off.

poor quality but you get the point
poor quality but you get the point

It was really nice to have the extra day off work, and it was spent very quietly.  I went to chiro and decided I would go in to my favourite running store to get a new pair of shoes for running.  I get knee pain and it usually means it’s time for new shoes.  I got my usual Mizuno Wave Inspires and they are the prettiest turquoise colour.  While I was there I asked if he had any of the NB Minimus shoes, those are what I wear for lifting.  He had one pair left of the one style, not the cutest but the style I wear.  He was going to give me a really good deal since they were the last pair, and then last minute he said “you know what, since you are buying the other ones, you can just have them”.  WHAAAAA???  Pretty amazing right?  I was pretty excited about it.  I can’t wait to try them both out.  The weather is warmer this week and is above freezing so I am hoping to get out this week and run.

I hope you are having a great week so far… and let’s hope the work week goes nice and fast.  xoxo

Do you have a favourite brand/ style of running/gym shoes?

I only buy Mizuno for running.  I have tried others but always go back to Mizuno.

Is there a concert on your bucket list?

A Dream Come True

Thursday night we got to do something amazing.  We made C’s dreams come true.  We have been going through some tough times, especially C and this was just what we needed for a little spirit lifting.  For Christmas J and I got her tickets to see her favourite singer- Keith Urban!!!  She has loved him ever since she first saw him on American Idol.  She listens to his music every night before bed and we are thoroughly enjoying this season of American Idol.  The judges this year have such great chemistry together.  Harry Connick Jr especially cracks me up.

Anyway, the concert was in London (Ontario) so we headed there and met up with some friends there and we all had dinner together.  Then our friends dropped us at the show.  It was SUCH a good show.  He is so funny and had the crowd going!  J and I aren’t big fans but we definitely had a great time.

Amazing concert
Amazing concert

The best part was seeing how much fun C was having.  She was singing and clapping along to every single song.  She knew almost every single word.  It was a late night and she sure was tired on the way home but it was definitely worth it.  It didn’t hurt that it was a PA Day the next day.  I got choked up a couple times just seeing how happy she was.  I don’t think that’s a night she or I will forget in a long time.

My beauty
My beauty

What’s the last concert you have been to?


Who would you LOVE to see in concert?

For me that would be Garth Brooks for sure.

Grace in Your Heart & Flowers in Your Hair

This has been a very very busy and fun filled few days. Where do I even start?

First things first, Thursday I got my MRI results. The good news is that there is no labral tear in my hip which is what we were worried about. The bad news is there is a partial tear in my quad muscle right at the insertion point. It’s not terrible because we have at least been doing the right treatment so we are on the right track. The radiologist also said that it looks like a very painful injury. I found this somewhat comforting. The reason is that it would have been worse if they had said they don’t see anything wrong and my pain was not explained. Now I know what it is and I feel a little bit less of a wimp.

Friday was the beginning of my weekend as I took the day off work. My bestie K and I headed to Simcoe for the Gentlemen of the Road tour that was happening featuring one of my favourite bands Mumford and Sons!!! It was a camping weekend. We got there around 1030 in the morning and set up in what we called “tent city”. There was a sea of tents. People everywhere!!

<img src="https://besillybestrong.files.wordpress.com/2013/08/20130825-181744.jpg" alt="20130825-181744.jpg" class="alignnone size-full"

We had an amazing time people watching, sun bathing, playing cribbage and eating. Oh there was so much eating…


I had pulled pork poutine the first day which we shared and then had the most delicious apple dumplings covered on hot caramel sauce. The next day I tried smoked meat poutine from a different food truck. We also enjoyed ice cream, and lots of beer.

One thing I can say I learned this weekend is I am way too old for this type of event. The first night I barely slept because I was so cold. With my quad injury I was so so sore sleeping on an air mattress and getting in and out of the tent. The crouching down and climbing in and out were not good positions for me. Today I am literally sore all over!

But we had so many great laughs I wouldn’t change a thing. And the concert was so fun! We heard some new bands I had never heard of. One I really liked was Old Crow Medicine Show. They had the crowd dancing! And of course Mumford and Sons was incredible! Here is some of their lyrics that I love…

One of the nicest things about a couple of days away is coming home. It was so nice to see J and C. We had a delicious dinner with lots of veggie options as I needed some good healthy choices after the eating and drinking I did over the weekend.

We had grilled chicken with homemade BBQ sauce, garlic parm corn, grilled zucchini, cheesy garlic buns and a delicious corn chowder.


Now I have a couple days off to enjoy with my favourite little girl.

What did you do this weekend?

Have you got any concerts coming up?