What a Weekend!

For someone going into the weekend thinking it wouldn’t be too eventful it sure ended up being a pretty fun and busy one.  Friday it started with a trip to the gym where we celebrated our favourite day of the week – deadlift day. We did heavy singles to start and then did deficit deadlifts for reps. I had broke my PR with a lift at 215 and my coach told me to throw another 5 lbs on and I managed to pull a pretty solid 220 lbs!  

It felt amazing. I love how this video shows the encouragement and support at my gym. 


Run 400 m/ 200 m/ sprint/ 200 m / 400m 

After each run we did this circuit:

10 box step ups

6 front squats

6 push press

6 thrusters

5 burpees 

This was a pretty dirty workout for a Friday. It was hard. There was a 20 min cap but I finished it even when the clock went. I don’t like leaving it not done. 

Saturday morning I was working at the corn stand so I didn’t make the workout. I was feeling the effects of Friday’s workout so I was ok with not going.  

it was chilly out

Saturday was J’s baseball plays offs so we had the game and the team party at our place. It was a late late night. 

Sunday we had tickets we got last minute to go see the Buffalo Bills home opener game. We went early and tailgates and went to the game. The energy and the crowd was like nothing I’ve ever witnessed. They sure do love their team in Buffalo.   

All the excitement left me really tired and it was an early night to bed Sunday. Monday I was tired but had a productive day at work. I hit the gym after work and we did back squats for the strength. 


5 rounds

200 m run

10 goblet squats

10 pull ups

10 push ups

There was a 16 minute cap but again I went over but finished.  I felt really good and was glad I went instead of napping despite the earlier temptation. 

It was a pretty good start to the week after a busy weekend. And it was an early night to bed Monday to try and catch up. xoxo

Have you ever been to an NFL game? 


Long Weekend Living

its labour day weekend here in these parts and while we have to prepare ourselves to get back to the daily grind and our regularly scheduled lives we decided to make the most of what feels like our last summer weekend. 

Friday I snuck out of work early and my friend N and I got a lift from my amazing husband to the train station where we headed down to Toronto to the CNE. We stopped at a couple patios and enjoyed some drinks and delicious food and then we headed to the Zac Brown band concert. It was a beautiful night.   


We had a lot of fun. The show was really good. It was a sold out crowd and everyone was singing along. We had so much fun. 

having fun
The problem with the concert was that the train ride home was so annoying. It was so packed and we had to push our way on. It turns out there was a lot going on in the city that night. We got home late. 

The next morning N and I had agreed to meet at the gym. There was no class but there was an open gym so we could do our own thing. I made a few protein pancakes and ate those before I headed over.  


We started with deadlifts and worked on heavy singles. We worked up to what was a new PR for me and I pulled 210lbs!! I was pretty excited about it. Then we did 10 minutes of sled pushes outside and it was so hot. We also did sprints in between. And I am not going to lie about it, it was pretty terrible and hot. Then we did about 3 rounds of pull-ups in different variations. And some push ups.  It was a killer workout but we were so glad we did it. 

Later that day I headed to my parents house to pick up C. After we got her we headed to the mall where I finally got the hoodie I wanted from Lululemon. It was sold out online but I found one at the mall that they put aside for me.  That night we went with friends of ours to Ribfest. It’s a yearly tradition and it didn’t disappoint. 

Sunday we got packed up in the morning and headed to Port Dover to J’s parents’ camper for the day and night.  

Dover bound

We spent the day at the beach and then went for fish and chips for dinner. Then we played a round of mini golf. When we got home we went to his grandparents camper and had a bonfire. It was a really nice little getaway. 

Now all that’s left is to suck up the rest of the weekend. Let’s hope time slows and it’s a long wonderful day. Tomorrow it’s back to the real world.  xoxo

How did you spend your long weekend? 

Here’s What’s Up

Oh hi there!  I realize I have been a little bit MIA but the weekend got away from me there.  Let’s recap shall we?

1. Friday– I took the afternoon off work for some me time.  I went to the gym at noon and I enjoyed a nice strength session of deadlifting to a two rep max.  I was feeling strong and worked to 2 reps at 190 lbs!  Not bad right??!!  Then we had an awesome workout and sadly I can’t remember it enough to recap it.  I know I felt amazing when we were done and there were definitely pull ups in it and it was definitely an AMRAP.

After the gym I ran some errands and went and treated myself to a manicure.  I had a wedding to go to and since J was out of time my sister in law was my date.  We hadn’t had a night out together in a while and I think it’s safe to say we made the most of it and had an amazing time.

getting a little silly
getting a little silly

2. Saturday– it was an early morning and I was feeling a little rough after the silliness of the night before.  I got myself ready and as I got moving I noticed a lot of soreness in my back.  Fortunately I was heading to a chiro appointment that morning, but it turns out I did something my back didn’t like.  I am attributing it either to my deadlifting, though I never felt anything during or right after, or the fact that I wore a pretty high heel for a lot longer than I am used to at the wedding and after, on a concrete floor for the night.  It also may have been a little bit of both.

After chiro I headed to my parent’s house with C and my Mom and cousin and I went shopping while C had a day with her Opa.  We had a nice time and hit up the outlets.  I used my birthday money and bought a gorgeous new Cole Haan purse.  Then we had a nice family dinner.  Sadly, I was uncomfortable for most of the day because of my back.  The drive made it a lot worse, and I tried a couple things on when we were shopping and it was not fun so I didn’t do much in the way of clothes shopping.

3.  Sunday–  C and I got up from our sleepover we had Saturday, and we went out for breakfast.  Then we did some groceries and then finally it was time to go to the airport to pick up J.  We were both really excited to see him and I am so happy to have him home now.  On our way home we stopped and got something to eat and then had a nice quiet night at home.  I had to take some muscle relaxants because my back got really sore.

sore back

4. Monday– I woke up and once I was moving my back felt better.  Throughout the day there were moments where it got uncomfortable in certain positions but it felt better than it had all weekend.  It was a busy day and I ate lunch super late.  I had tried something new and it was a really yummy combination.

avocado, with tuna and apple mixed with a little greek yogurt.  and old faithful super kale salad.
avocado, with tuna and apple mixed with a little greek yogurt. and old faithful super kale salad.

It was really good and I will definitely make this again.  The rest of the day flew by and it ended with a late off site meeting that meant I wouldn’t make it to the gym.  It was probably not the worst thing for my back.  It was a really warm day so I thought I might be able to get a run in, but sadly after my meeting it was rainy and super windy.

I did get a home workout in which included skipping, some arm work with dumbbells, goblet squats and then some ab work doing plank variations.  It felt good and I managed to find lots of movements that didn’t aggravate my back.  Dinner was steak and broccoli.  IMG_8672The evening was exciting because it was the Blue Jays home opener.  Sadly we weren’t at the game but we watched it on tv.  I think that gets us all caught up.  I will do my best not to be absent for as long but sadly life can really get in the way.  Rude.

Any baseball fans out there?

Hurting Hammies and Getting Organized

This weekend has been so wonderful.  I have loved every minute of it.  I am already getting the Sunday night blues as I sit and type this.  I got so much done and had so much fun.  Friday I went to CrossFit after work and happily discovered we were working on our deadlifts.  We did them in the strength workout and did 10 lifts.  We did them as deficit deadlifts, so I stood up on a 45 lb plate.  By being elevated it meant you had to reach lower for the bar.  It worked the hamstrings A LOT more and I am still feeling it today.  I worked up to 165 lbs and stopped there.  Then we did the wod which was nuts!  Basically it was 150 push ups but everytime you had to break, you did 10 squats.  I started with no knees and did regular push ups and did 25 of them before dropping to my knees.  My arms felt soooo jacked after.  So of course I had to take a selfie of my arms.

feeling the burn
feeling the burn

When I got home we got ready to go out and we went bowling.  C was pretty excited when I picked her up and told her were going bowling.  We had a blast and realized once we got there that on our one week Anniversary we were bowling just like we did on our very first date!  Awwwwwwww.  We then went for Yogurtys and filled up before we got home and went to bed.

Saturday morning we got up and C and I headed to the gym after breakfast.  It was a partner workout.  We started working on finding our 2 RM on our front squats.  We worked in partners sharing a rack and the catch was every time you went for a plate you had to do walking lunges and walk back with the plate overhead.  My already sore hammies were not a fan.  We worked the front squats and I managed to get a PR on my 2 RM and got 115 lbs.  The squats felt solid.  Then we got into the workout.


2000m row – one partner rows while the other wall sits

200 wall balls- one does wall balls while the other holds plank

100 burpees- one does burpees while the other holds chin to bar

This was tough.  There was a 20 minute time cap so we just got 21 burpees in.  The rowing was tough, and no one likes wall balls- do they?  I think I might hate them more than burpees.  Whaaaaat???

After we finished there I took C to get her hair cut.  Then she went to her Grandma’s house.  I got home and got showered and ate lunch.  I did some organizing and clean up around the house.  Then I did some errands including a Target trip.  I got some Christmas shopping done and then met my friend who was also our wedding photographer for a coffee and got a sneak peek of our wedding pictures!!!  It was so exciting and the ones I saw turned out SO good.  I can’t wait to see the rest.   Saturday night J and I met friends for dinner and then we played Euchre at their house.

This morning I got up and texted J (at work) and asked if he wanted to go for breakfast.  We went to one of our favourite places called The Harbour Diner.  Friends if you have never been here and live in the Hamilton area, you need to go.  They have the most amazing breakfast specials.  Today I had a hard time deciding between the Peanut Butter and Banana stuffed French toast, or the Asian Pulled Pork Benedict.  I went with the benedict and it was really yummy.  J got a seafood chowder benedict.  We both really enjoyed our breakfasts.  Then we did groceries on the way home.  The weather today was incredible!  It was up to 12 degrees this afternoon, so nice and mild.  Of course I had to take advantage and go for a run.

loving the weather
loving the weather

It was nice to be out.  I managed to do 5 km and felt like I could have kept going, but I haven’t been running as often lately and still have sore hammies so I thought I better not push it.

This afternoon after I got home I put away some laundry and did some more laundry.  J was in charge of dinner and I am pretty excited about it.  Then I finished up our DIY project I mentioned we have been working on.  I saw a bunch of different examples on Pinterest which is where we got our inspiration and we made it happen.  Check it out!

we made a mudroom!!!
we made a mudroom!!!

We have always had chaos in our entrance way and this makes it so much more organized now!  I am pretty excited about it.  Now… how long can we keep it this clean?  I guess we will soon find out.  I will make another post that tells you how we made this in case you love it so much you want to do it too!  PS- can you spot the kitten photobomb?!

Wallballs- love them or hate them?

I do NOT enjoy them.

DIY- are you good at it? 

I normally am not but maybe I am turning a corner?



Reaching my Breaking Point

I hit that point today where I was like holy crap, I am NEVER going to be done everything.  It’s been one project after the next combined with the fact that I am getting married two weeks tomorrow.  ARGH!  So crazy!!!  Anyway, this week has been nuts.  Monday was a busy day but I was determined to get to the gym because I knew it was most likely my only chance this week with everything going on.  I was glad I made it but the wod was INSANE!!

Here’s what we did:

4 rounds
40 m sprint
30 goblet squats
15 burpees
20 push press
48 sit ups

This was really tough.  We followed with some strength work of lots of reps of strict press and back squats.  I did more reps at a lighter weight.  It felt great to get that workout done and start my week off right.  Tuesday and Wednesday I had to commute to work.  Something I am spoiled with and don’t normally have to do.  So Tuesday was a very long day for me.  Wednesday a co-worker decided we shouldn’t go too late in our meeting so we wouldn’t hit traffic and I was ecstatic to hear that because it meant I made it home in time to go to the gym.  I was so thrilled given it was the only other day I would get there this week before Saturday.

ready for the gym!
ready for the gym!

This week our coach is doing workouts around different wars as a way to remember the soldiers that fought for us.  I find them really interesting because we get to learn a lot about the brave people that fought for us.  Here’s what we did last night:

IMG_7064It was a really good workout, it wasn’t too heavy because I guess a lot of the others have been pretty intense wods, like Monday for example.  I saw Tuesdays and it looked like a killer one.  Maybe a good thing I missed that one?  Today I didn’t make it in, I worked late and C has extra curricular.  I still intend on getting some type of a workout in here at home, however, I haven’t gotten it done yet.  I sat down to get caught up on some work.  I will see what happens but no guilt if it doesn’t happen.

In other exciting news I got my Hydr-8 water bottle that I ordered and today was my first day testing it out.  It worked like a charm.  I finished my water right on schedule and am even ahead for the night!

works like a charm
works like a charm

I got this bottle by ordering it here.  Check it out!  Tomorrow night we have our annual event at the gym called “Deadlifts and Dresses”.  I missed it last year but am happy I will make it there today.  It’s a ladies event and we all get dressed up and head to the gym to mingle and have a catered meal.  There is a photographer who gets some fun pictures of us and then we get a calendar with the pictures.  It’s a really fun event to see everyone outside of gym clothes without gym hair.  I am excited to attend.

So after what’s been a long, stressful week, I am going to attempt to accomplish some more and then relax and get caught up on some of my shows I missed.  I hope you are all having an awesome week!  it’s Friday Jr!


How do you make sure you drink enough water?

I have always struggled with this one.  Let’s see if my new bottle helps!







Just Keep Going

As I sat down to put together this weekend recap post I realized just how awesome of a weekend I had.  I am a lucky lady to have such awesome people to spend my weekends with, and we had a ton of fun.  It starts off Friday, I went to CrossFit after work and we did some deadlifting and the wod was a combo of manmakers and double unders.  I am happy to report that I actually strung together 3 double unders!  I was a happy girl.  When I got home we went to the mall to order our wedding bands.  We ate dinner in the food court and we ate the most unhealthiest of meals and pretty much felt sick for the rest of the evening.  That was a big fail.

Saturday morning meant another round of CrossFit where we did a team challenge wod.  It had a team of three.  One did a heavy carry, and while they were out one did back squats (we used 65 lbs) and the other did push ups.  After all that lifting during the week my legs were really feeling it.  The rest of the day involved a trip back to the mall where I stumbled across some great deals in one of my favourite stores.  Then we got ourselves ready for the Keith Urban concert here in Hamilton at the new stadium that was built.  Keith is C’s favourite singer so she was pretty exciting.  Having seen him before I was excited too because he puts on an amazing show.

we had a blast.
we had a blast.

It was a late night for us all.  This morning C and I got to sleep in a bit, poor J had to work.  He surprised us by bringing us home breakfast and a tea for me.  After we ate and relaxed a little more, C was off to spend the day with her grandma and I decided to set out on the run I had scheduled myself.  I was ambitious and decided to do a 10km run.  I planned the route and it worked out to 10.5 so perfect.  I didn’t acknowledge how hilly it was or how warm it was outside.  It was a tougher run than I had thought it would be.  I was struggling about halfway and my sister in law was sending me inspirational texts to help encourage me and it really did help.

scenes from my run
scenes from my run

Another encouraging thing was the song “Take Me to Church” by Hozier.  It came on and I had an awesome pace for the last 1km or so.  I am really digging that song right now.  I sing along but don’t know the words lol.  I got home and got a tall glass of ice water to cool off.  Then I spent some time foam rolling.  After my shower and organizing myself, I made this delicious post run protein waffle and treated myself to a few slices of turkey bacon with it.


It totally made it worth it and I was glad I kept going.  I will be sure to foam roll a few more times throughout the day so my legs aren’t too sore and tight tomorrow.  I have a pretty busy work week ahead of me so gym time might not happen so much for me.  I may have to get creative with my gym scheduling.

I hope you are all having an awesome weekend!


What was the last concert you went to?


What workouts did you get in this weekend?






What a Difference a Day Makes

In my Tuesday recap I talked about how I was feeling like I was in a bit of a funk, feeling like I had worked so hard and wasn’t seeing the progress I wanted.  I think it was just a bad day for me.  I think it was more than just my nutrition and my progress that had me down.  I was just having a bad day, and I got snacky to deal with it.  It’s silly that I turn to food as comfort, I mean I know a lot of people do, but it doesn’t make me feel any better.  If anything then I feel worse for not being strong.  I woke up feeling better.  I wasn’t feeling so bloated and I felt really well rested and ready to start off a new day.  I made a promise to myself that I was going to drink less tea and more water.

my goal
my goal

Last night I made up a batch of herbal tea to put in the fridge.  I made a raspberry pomegranate caffeine free herbal tea to enjoy throughout the day.  I packed a cup of it in my lunchbag and added a packet of Splenda to it and enjoyed it in the afternoon when I would normally have my second tea.  I also made a real effort to drink more water.  I always drink a big glass when I first get up in the morning, and I always have my glass before my meal.  However, today I told myself every time I left my office to go to the bathroom I would chug some water first and I had A LOT more than I have been having and it felt good.

I felt really good this morning when I got ready.  I wore one of my new purchases from the weekend.  My new colourful Kate Spade blouse.


I got a few compliments on this top and I felt really good in it.  There’s always something about wearing new clothes that makes you have a better day.  I really felt determined to stick with the meal plan I had set out for myself and I did a great job.  I stuck with it and felt good about every decision I made.  I know I have to be persistent and focused and just keep going.

it takes time.  focus.
it takes time. focus.

I went straight to CrossFit and got ready to sweat.  We started with a SWOD and did 5 sets of 5 strict press.  I worked up to 65lbs and got 3 of them overhead.  I was happy with this because I had already done 4 sets leading up to that set.  When we finished our Coach told us to leave our weights on our bars because that was the weight we would be using for our wod.  I normally don’t wod with 65lbs so I was a little nervous to hear what the wod was.

WOD- 12 minute cap

30 push press

30 back squats

30 deadlifts

30 burpees

When he announced it I seriously felt panicked.  Could I do this wod at 65lbs?  I would normally have used 55lbs but no one else dropped their weights so I thought, ok, I am going to try it.  I killed it.  Seriously, I was so happy with how I did.  I had to do the push press in sets.  I did 10, then 5’s until I was done.  The back squats I managed to do unbroken and the deadlifts I did in sets of three.  Then I just powered through the burpees.  I literally finished exactly at the 12 minute mark.  I was really happy with my performance.  We finished off with 100 sit ups.


I love how strong I felt after this wod.  I love that I pushed myself harder than I thought I could do.  I texted a friend that normally goes to the 415 class to tell her.  She always encourages me to go higher than my instinct so I knew she would be impressed and she was really pumped for me.  I love my gym.

I got home and looked at myself and was like- what are you talking about no progress?  Look at yourself.  I took a good look and I was happy with what I saw.  I shouldn’t let the feelings of one day be so powerful and cause so much doubt.

I'm not perfect, but I am happy
I’m not perfect, but I am happy

I am happy with where I am have gotten with my hard work.  I need to remember that, and stay on track.  I have a great support group, other girls that are on my coach’s team sent me messages on Instagram to keep going, and celebrate all progress even if its small.  And they are right.  I shouldn’t let myself get into such a funk.  I am so grateful to have met so many awesome people through my gym family, and my support group through my nutrition coach.

I had a really good night relaxing.  I decided once lunches were packed I was going to sit and put my feet up.  No laundry, no wedding stuff, just chilling.  I was excited to see a new episode of Hell’s Kitchen was starting and so I watched that once C was in bed.  The only “work” I did was to foam roll my very sore calves.  Between yesterday and today’s burpees my calves are really sore.

Only one more sleep until my love comes home and two more until the weekend.  Things are really looking up.

How do you stay positive when you are in a funk?


When was the last workout where you really impressed yourself?