Hello Routine. It’s Good to Have You Back 

Oh I love long weekends so so much. But it makes it so much harder to go back to work.  It’s like the Sunday blues but stronger and deeper.  


The weekend wrapped up with our trip home from the camper and a stop at our favourite ice cream place. I didn’t document it but found this picture on the interweb that shows its charm 

 When we got home I decided to tackle a mountain of laundry and got lots of that done. That includes cleaning out two drawers and putting aside some clothes I don’t wear anymore.  C is quite excited about going back to school so we got lots ready for her including her shower, painting her nails, braiding her hair, and packing her lunch and bag. 

I decided I had to do a workout of some sort because I was feeling stressed and it had been a relaxing couple of days. I set my timer on the”rounds” setting for 20 rounds of one minute.  I did a variety of exercises including abs and dumbbell arm stuff with every other interval being skipping.  We are in the middle of a heatwave and the skipping happened on the deck outside and it was steamy. 

Dinner was this delicious feast of steak, roasted beets on a salad and what might be some of the last sweet corn of the season.  

so delicious

Now we are back to the grind and back to routine which usually works in my favour. I work very well with routine in my life.  I hope the transition is smooth for all of us. xoxo

Routine?  Boring or do you like it?  


Long Weekend Living

its labour day weekend here in these parts and while we have to prepare ourselves to get back to the daily grind and our regularly scheduled lives we decided to make the most of what feels like our last summer weekend. 

Friday I snuck out of work early and my friend N and I got a lift from my amazing husband to the train station where we headed down to Toronto to the CNE. We stopped at a couple patios and enjoyed some drinks and delicious food and then we headed to the Zac Brown band concert. It was a beautiful night.   


We had a lot of fun. The show was really good. It was a sold out crowd and everyone was singing along. We had so much fun. 

having fun
The problem with the concert was that the train ride home was so annoying. It was so packed and we had to push our way on. It turns out there was a lot going on in the city that night. We got home late. 

The next morning N and I had agreed to meet at the gym. There was no class but there was an open gym so we could do our own thing. I made a few protein pancakes and ate those before I headed over.  


We started with deadlifts and worked on heavy singles. We worked up to what was a new PR for me and I pulled 210lbs!! I was pretty excited about it. Then we did 10 minutes of sled pushes outside and it was so hot. We also did sprints in between. And I am not going to lie about it, it was pretty terrible and hot. Then we did about 3 rounds of pull-ups in different variations. And some push ups.  It was a killer workout but we were so glad we did it. 

Later that day I headed to my parents house to pick up C. After we got her we headed to the mall where I finally got the hoodie I wanted from Lululemon. It was sold out online but I found one at the mall that they put aside for me.  That night we went with friends of ours to Ribfest. It’s a yearly tradition and it didn’t disappoint. 

Sunday we got packed up in the morning and headed to Port Dover to J’s parents’ camper for the day and night.  

Dover bound

We spent the day at the beach and then went for fish and chips for dinner. Then we played a round of mini golf. When we got home we went to his grandparents camper and had a bonfire. It was a really nice little getaway. 

Now all that’s left is to suck up the rest of the weekend. Let’s hope time slows and it’s a long wonderful day. Tomorrow it’s back to the real world.  xoxo

How did you spend your long weekend? 

All the Naps 

I love those weekends where you really don’t have a lot planned. They end up being the best weekends. I feel like life has been crazy for us all lately and it was a nice treat to not have anything planned for a change. 

After our quiet Saturday evening I slept like a baby and even slept in a little bit.  I had breakfast and got myself ready to go back to the corn stand to help out again. C helped as well and it turns out her customer service skills are on point.  

bad hair dont care

We spent the morning there and then went to a BBQ at J’s grandparents house. After that we went for a ride in his Dad’s old convertible Mustang (I am really wishing I had a photo). We went to a bakery up the road and got a peach pie which I cannot wait to eat. 

When we got home everyone was just so tired. I sat down with a tea and didn’t even have one sip of it before I fell asleep. I ended up sleeping for a couple of hours!  That’s two naps this weekend!  I am not a big napper but I think I could get used to this.   

I didn’t want to be completely sloth like so I did some laundry and tried to organize things for the week. I made a batch of chia pudding for breakfast for myself, and prepped for C for the week for her camp. There was a long list of things for her to bring/ pack. 

Dinner was marinated flank steak and some roasted beets and brussel sprouts.  Can I just tell you guys how much I love beets?  Roasted they were so good. We also did some mushrooms up to go with it and this dinner was incredible.  

the. bomb.

We also enjoyed peach pie that we picked up earlier in the day which was so delicious. I love peach pie. It’s pretty much my favourite kind of pie and it’s in season right now. 

It was such a relaxing weekend and it was so much what I needed. I feel more refreshed and ready to take on the week. If only we could just have one more day though. xoxo

What is your favourite kind of pie?

Peach for me and when it’s not in season I like cherry a lot too. 

I Was on a Break 

I guess I accidentally took a blogging break there for a few days. I can’t say it was on purpose but I just didn’t have much I wanted to say really. I was doing well with my eating last week and feeling really good about it. The weekend was a bit of a different story but it always is. My workouts have been consistent and amazing so no update there. 

The weekend was a great one. C had spent the week prior with my parents so she came home on Friday so the three of us went out for dinner. Saturday I got up and we went to the gym where we did a partner workout that included squatting, farmers carry and a bunch of other movements. 

Saturday night we went out with friends for dinner and I managed to achieve waves in my hair for the first time since I cut it and I actually liked my chopped hair.  

Sunday we had my family over to celebrate our new porch and deck and we had an amazing BBQ. James made pork tenderloins and burgers and corn. I made a tomato salad that turned out really great. 

  James also made sautéed peaches and apricots which we served with whipped cream. Everything turned out so good and we managed to make it a pretty healthy lunch.  

Monday was back to being an adult and working and I wasn’t happy about it. I went to the gym after work and we did our August challenge which is 10 reps of back squats. I repped off 10 at 125 lbs. I impressed myself. ps did I tell you guys I was the winner of the July challenge?!  I won for my 10 reps at 90 lbs for the push press challenge. 


6 rounds

40 mountain climbers

10 push ups

10 air squats

12 sit ups

I felt pretty good after and ran a couple of errands before I headed home. It was pouring rain which made me crave something comforting so I treated myself to Starbucks. The evening was full of laundry and just watching tv. I also had a call with my bestie to discuss my visit with her later this week. More on this excitement later!! 

Was your weekend relaxing or busy?

Mother Nature Ruined My Picnic

This weekend didn’t go as planned and it was terrible weather. Thanks a lot Mother Nature. My parents came to visit Friday and stayed over. I went to the gym after work and had a great workout. We did deadlifts and my legs still feel it. After the workout I headed home and we went out for a family dinner and had such a nice time.  The food was delicious and there was a band and everyone was signing along. It was a lot of fun after a stressful week. 

I also used the night out to wear my new jumpsuit for the first time. 

j’s not a fan but i feel super cute in it
 Saturday morning I had an event planned at my work that we spent a long time planning. It was an outdoor picnic for over 700 people and it rained. Not just showers but a constant hard rain. I was completely soaked for hours and we ended up having to cancel it. It was very sad. The rest of the day was spent relaxing and napping. 

I was ready to go out and have a few drinks Saturday night which is just what we did. I got myself ready and prettied up from being a drowned rat earlier in the day.  Sunday morning we got up and grabbed breakfast and I had a nice lazy morning. A bunch of people were at my gym training so I went in and did the workout that I missed Saturday. It was killer.  

  I felt amazing after I was done. It was a tough one and I finished in just over 36 minutes. I did it by myself while the others In the gym were lifting. Then I met a friend for coffee and did some groceries. 

We have some more family fun planned for tonight so I am going to spend the rest of my day cozy and relaxed. Happy Sunday friends xoxox

Did you have a rainy weekend where you are? 

The Long Weekend Had Me Like…

I don’t know about you guys but I love a long weekend. It started off with a workout Friday after work. I know we did deadlifts for our strength, but the WOD I  having trouble remembering. I think it was pull ups and squats and push ups perhaps?  I can’t remember exactly.  

Saturday morning started off with a good workout that was a partner WOD. A friend who was off for awhile is back and was my partner. 

32 min AMRAP

P1- 4 shuttle runs

P2 – 16 burpees

       16 box step ups

       16 ground to overhead (55lbs)

       16 front squats (55lbs)

The round was timed by the shuttle run and then when we switched you just picked up where your partner left off. It was a killer workout and it was hot out. 

The rest of my day I was very productive. I got some shopping done, a mani and a pedi, a drink with a friend I haven’t seen in ages and a little bit of relaxing.  

i could get used to this
For dinner it was just J and I and he grilled some steaks and we had steak Caesar salads. I used the Bolthouse yogurt dressing and I recommend it for sure. It’s so yummy!  
such a tasty dinner

We spent the evening getting caught up on one of our favourite shows. J is under the weather and fighting a nasty cold so it was a low key night. 

Sunday I set my alarm to get up and go for a run before it got too hot out and before I had to get ready to leave pick up C and head to my parents.  

sweaty but feeling amazing

I had a great day visiting my family and we stayed until the evening.    It was pretty great going to bed knowing we still had another day to enjoy of the weekend. 
It started with breakfast and a tea. 

good morning
 My gym was open for one workout for the holiday Monday. The workout was a team challenge. 


20 min AMRAP

Farmers carry 

50 plate push

150 back squats

75 man makers 

Then when those were done we did burpees. As a team we did 142 burpees. It was a crazy one that left me really sweaty. 

We did some errands during the day and then we cleaned up our porch and I am so happy with how it turned out.   

cozy and clean

We watched fireworks in the evening and we had a really great display.  It was the best weekend and I was really sad it had to come to an end. At least we have a short week to get though!  xoxox

Did you do any fireworks? 

Just What I Needed

I have really had a great weekend.  It’s been exactly what I needed. The rest of my week since my last post was pretty much the usual.  I went to the gym Wednesday and I cannot recall what the wod was to recap it.  I am slacking with the recaps but I promise I definitely was not slacking in the workouts when I did the.  Thursday was a rest day, I had planned to run but I wasn’t feeling the greatest.  Last week I just had a headache that would not quit so I took the night to relax.

Friday I went to the gym after work and the workout was a really awesome one.  The strength was deadlifts, we worked to a heavy 1 rep max.  I worked to 175 lbs and it felt great.  It wasn’t my max, but it felt strong and I left it at that.  The wod itself was T-O-U-G-H.

5 rounds

3 min AMRAP

3 power cleans

6 push ups

9 squats

This was much harder than it sounded.  I used 65 lbs for this and I also did all the push ups without dropping to my knees.  It felt amazing.  It was tough, but I felt so good when we were done.

Since it was our gym’s five year anniversary we had a gathering at a local restaurant to celebrate.  J, C and I got ready and headed out.  I was really loving my outfit and after that workout and a shower I felt really good.

i'm not always in gym clothes
i’m not always in gym clothes

Saturday morning we got ready and C and I headed to the gym for the special anniversary workout.  It was a partner workout and my partner was one of the coaches so I felt like I had to really give it my all.  We do this wod every year for the anniversary celebration.

30 min AMRAP

400 m run (both do this)

64 lateral jumps (split with partner)

40 Ground to Overhead lifts (I used 55 lbs- split with partner)

32 OH squats (split with partner, partner holds bar overhead) * I don’t like OH squats so I did front squats

10 burpees over bar (each)

7 thrusters (each)

5 shoulder switches

This workout felt amazing.  We did the whole thing outside and it was a beautiful day.  I left feeling so good.  C and I headed to get pedicures and a little pampering.

feeling badass after that workout
feeling badass after that workout

C went for a playdate and I headed home.  A friend texted me to come by and chat and she came over for a couple of beers and we chatted and sat in the son.  We had such a nice visit, and honestly it was exactly what I needed.  Some girl talk and we covered some topics that I really needed someone to talk to about.  We talked about being comfortable and confident with ourselves and not putting too much pressure on looking a certain way, and allowing ourselves to enjoy life and just live a little without feeling guilty.

The evening we spent with friends and watched the big boxing fight.  My favorite was the snacks.  I made my famous guac and there were lots of other snacks.  J had the weekend off so that meant he got to sleep in Sunday.  We don’t normally have him around in the mornings.  It was so nice to have him home.  We made a delicious family breakfast.  I went out for a run and it was another absolutely beautiful day.

warm enough for shorts!
warm enough for shorts!

We had a nice day and it ended with dinner on a patio which is pretty much my favourite thing about Summer.  It looks to be a promising week weather wise.  I had such a great weekend and I actually feel like I am refreshed and revived for a change.  Normally I just dread the end of the weekend but this time I feel like I got so much out of it and I am a little more ready to face the week.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend xoxo