My Dogs Are Barkin’!

Ok so this weekend was a busy one and my feet are SO SO sore, or as my bestie L says “my dogs are barking”. Ouch!  I made it the gym Friday just barely on time and we did some deadlifting, sets of 4 reps. I worked to 165 lbs. 



5-1 squat clean thrusters 

5 burpees 

It was 5 of the squat clean thrusters, then next round it was 4 and we laddered down. It was a killer!  I was hurting at the end of it. Then we did some ab stuff. 

Friday night we went out for a family dinner which was really nice and then I called it an early night.

 Saturday morning C went to her grandmas and I went to the gym. We had a team workout that really was a tough one. I was struggling to get through it. I hung out for a bit and had a nice chat with my coach. Then I decided I would go and treat myself to a manicure. 

I had to go in to work for a couple hours so after that J and I went for a couple beers at the pub. We had some errands to run and we got groceries before heading home to relax.  

just chillin’

Sunday morning we got up and J made me breakfast (he’s a keeper). I had a work function so I headed out to work on setting up for that. He actually came as well and helped set up. We had a great time at the event and we had a beautiful day for it. And it made my feet so sore but it was worth it seeing everyone have such a great time.  


Monday is here already. It happens so fast! 


Prowler’s and Pitching In 

This has been a great weekend. Despite the fact that I had a short week at work it sure seemed to take forever. Thursday I hit the evening class at the gym and it was one of those workouts where it doesn’t sound like much and then it totally kicks your butt. The strength was back squats and I wasn’t feeling super strong. 


45 s each

1/2 burpees

Push up with arm rows

Sit ups

Ankle touches

We did 3 rounds of this and then rested for 45 s and then did another 3. It wasn’t very fun. When I got home J was making dinner and had grilled up an amazing meal for us.  

i think he’s a keeper

Friday there were no classes so I decided to go for a run. When I got home I was getting changed and I made the mistake of laying down and this happened. 


just leave me here
I did finally get up (after a short snooze) and I got ready to run. I wasn’t really feeling it but I knew I should just go and get out since it was a beautiful evening.  
reluctant but ready


It wasn’t a great run. My legs were heavy and I took a lot of walking breaks. But the thing is I went and that’s got to mean something. I could have just stayed in bed. 

Saturday morning I hit up the gym and our coach told us we were doing the beep test (sprints). He was met with a reluctant response so he decided to scratch that and put together a different workout. It. Was. Killer. 

In teams we did:

Prowler push

Heavy deadlifts 

10 push press/ box steps with high knees 

Basically as a team we rotated based on the timing of the prowler push. I used 145 lbs for my deadlifts and got about 2-3 off the ground per round. We used 15 lbs for our presses and they were mostly strict presses. The workout went for about 22 minutes. After we finished a friend and I decided to go enjoy a drink at Starbucks before heading home. 

The farm was short staffed for the weekend so I got to pitch in and I helped sell at the stand. It was a beautiful weekend and it was nice be outside. I actually had a lot of fun. C helped for a couple hours as well until she went to a sleepover at a friends.   

so peaceful
Both J and I were so tired after our busy day that we didn’t do anything during the evening. We got take out and enjoyed a quiet night in.  It was a pretty great start to the weekend. 

How has your weekend been so far? 


Back at It 

So after a few days away with a lot of walking but no real workouts for me, I was ready to get back to the gym and back at it. I was feeling the effects of the weekend in terms of my indulgences and the time adjustment.  

The workout that was planned was not an easy one at all. In other words I got my butt kicked on my first day back. 


20 min AMRAP


Box step ups

Goblet squats

Push ups

Double unders

Sit ups

Ankle toe touches 

So basically, we did one round of 30 each, one of 20 each and the last of 10 of each. The kicker was that EMOTM we had to do 3 burpees!  Ouch!!  It was killer!!!  What a workout to come back to!  

just kidding. i sweat. and i love it.

Wednesday I had a pretty crappy day. It started with an 8 am dentist appointment. I don’t know if I have ever mentioned this but I really dislike going to the dentist. To the point where I usually end up having an anxiety attack in the chair. Which is pretty much what happened to me again. In addition I thought I was going for one filling and it turned out I was there for three fillings.  

worst. news. ever.

My day didn’t get much better from there. I went to work with one side of my face completely frozen and I had to drink my morning tea with a straw. 

I had a doctors appointment in the afternoon and was sure I was going to miss my workout but I managed to get home just in time to make it. 


20 min AMRAP 

Prowler push and sprint 

7 push press/ 7 front squats/ lunges 

10 sit ups/ 10 bicycles/ spell your name out with your legs 

We had teams for this and cycled through each set of movements based on the timing of the prowler and sprint. It was REALLY hot out so the prowler was not as fun as it sounds. Wait. Does the prowler ever sound fun?  Oh and our strength was doing sets of 5 strict press. I think my arms will be feeling this workout for the rest of the week! 

It is definitely feeling good to be back at it again. Even if it feels like it’s killing me for a few days. xoxo

Do you have a tough time after missing a few workouts? 

No Gym, No Problem

I had a rough Tuesday night and an even tougher Wednesday. It wasn’t a good day. I was emotional and sick over it. Nothing I want to get into and bore you with but I wasn’t feeling good about myself and I couldn’t wait to get to the gym and sweat out my emotions. On my way there I received a text that due to an emergency the classes were cancelled.

I was bummed. I got home and texted my friend and she was bummed to and had already gotten to the gym. I kind of half jokingly said come over we will do it at my place. She said ok and did. It was really nice and we put together an awesome wod on our awesome new porch.  

It was perfect!  The height of the deck which you can’t see in the picture was awesome for step ups and dips. I have a long driveway so while MD did the other movements I ran and vice versa. We did 6 rounds of this and it took us about 23 minutes. I felt amazing and I’m so glad we still did something.

I think the porch and deck area will be great for workouts. I think I can skip out there too which is awesome because our gravel driveway doesn’t allow for much of it.

C was at a pool party so when I picked her up I stayed for a bit and had a delicious burger and a couple smores with the girls. I drove C’s friend home and then did some more laundry and made lunches etc.

I was proud of myself for still getting a workout in despite my bad day and the class being cancelled. It’s actually really easy to out workouts together that you can do at home.

The weekend is getting close and I am ready for it. I’ve got some fun planned and can’t wait to get through the rest of the week.

Do you do at home workouts or do you need the gym for motivation? 

The Long Weekend Had Me Like…

I don’t know about you guys but I love a long weekend. It started off with a workout Friday after work. I know we did deadlifts for our strength, but the WOD I  having trouble remembering. I think it was pull ups and squats and push ups perhaps?  I can’t remember exactly.  

Saturday morning started off with a good workout that was a partner WOD. A friend who was off for awhile is back and was my partner. 

32 min AMRAP

P1- 4 shuttle runs

P2 – 16 burpees

       16 box step ups

       16 ground to overhead (55lbs)

       16 front squats (55lbs)

The round was timed by the shuttle run and then when we switched you just picked up where your partner left off. It was a killer workout and it was hot out. 

The rest of my day I was very productive. I got some shopping done, a mani and a pedi, a drink with a friend I haven’t seen in ages and a little bit of relaxing.  

i could get used to this
For dinner it was just J and I and he grilled some steaks and we had steak Caesar salads. I used the Bolthouse yogurt dressing and I recommend it for sure. It’s so yummy!  
such a tasty dinner

We spent the evening getting caught up on one of our favourite shows. J is under the weather and fighting a nasty cold so it was a low key night. 

Sunday I set my alarm to get up and go for a run before it got too hot out and before I had to get ready to leave pick up C and head to my parents.  

sweaty but feeling amazing

I had a great day visiting my family and we stayed until the evening.    It was pretty great going to bed knowing we still had another day to enjoy of the weekend. 
It started with breakfast and a tea. 

good morning
 My gym was open for one workout for the holiday Monday. The workout was a team challenge. 


20 min AMRAP

Farmers carry 

50 plate push

150 back squats

75 man makers 

Then when those were done we did burpees. As a team we did 142 burpees. It was a crazy one that left me really sweaty. 

We did some errands during the day and then we cleaned up our porch and I am so happy with how it turned out.   

cozy and clean

We watched fireworks in the evening and we had a really great display.  It was the best weekend and I was really sad it had to come to an end. At least we have a short week to get though!  xoxox

Did you do any fireworks? 

Overnight Oats and Fast Feet

Welp I managed to get myself up a little earlier again this morning and I did a mini yoga/ ab workout to wake myself up.  It was nice, we were not rushed and it was a good way to start the day.  I can’t take the credit because J totally helps me get up on time.  He’s pretty much the best.

Last night before I went to bed I made a batch of Overnight Oats that I saw posted on Instagram.  I have tried overnight oats in the past but this one inspired me because it was “Cookie Dough Overnight Oats”.  I was eager to give them another shot if it was going to taste like cookie dough.

IMG_8761It was pretty good.  It made two batches.  I used steel cut oats instead of quick oats and I think they could have soaked longer.  I am thinking the second batch might be better having had a whole extra day to soak.  It did taste yummy though and like cookie dough.  It’s just the texture I am not super sure about.  It was a nice change from my morning shakes.

It was another beautiful day out.  At lunch time me and a couple other girls went for a walk.  I really enjoyed it, it’s a nice escape from a busy day.  After work while C was at Brownies I headed out for a run.  I programmed my timer to do HIIT intervals with sprints and I ended up running 5 km in just over 28 minutes.  I felt great today and the weather was incredible.

this weather though
this weather though

After my run I had some more time so I did a yoga video I found for post running and got my stretch on.  It was awesome and I got a really good stretch in my legs and hips.  Then I did another video for some ab work.  I have to mention something that really made me feel awesome today.  At the office someone grabbed onto my arm and their reaction was oh wow, in reference to my triceps.  It felt soooo good.  I am proud of the definition I have built on my arms.

just flexin'
just flexin’

As if the night wasn’t great enough, when I went to pick up C the sky was incredible.  I just had to take a picture of it.

so pretty over the airport
so pretty over the airport

It’s been a pretty great day despite it being a crazy hectic work day.  I managed to clear my head with the walk and the run after work and it kept my stress levels down.  It’s Friday Jr so the weekend is so close.  xoxo

Do you workout or walk at lunch?

Too often I eat at my desk and don’t even take a break.  I think it’s important to step away and clear your head.

Overnight Oats- like them?

Put Down the Peanut Butter Cups

I have been wallowing lately.  I had a birthday.  Big Deal.  I got a year older.  Big deal.  It’s time to snap out of it and get my shit together.  Last night I was feeling sorry for myself and ate Wendy’s for dinner and then topped it off with a package of peanut butter cup.  It was delicious, don’t get me wrong.  But it was a little excessive.  Life is really not that bad.  So what if I am 39.  Yep, I said it.  I am 39.

I'm 39.  And I am ok with it.  (sort of)
I’m 39. And I am ok with it. (sort of)

Last night at the gym was my birthday workout.  Yep, I am that important there that I get a workout dedicated to my birthday.  My coach incorporated my age in it, gasp, so everyone found out how old I am.  What made me feel amazing was the disbelief that I could actually be 39- there were a lot of Holy Crap’s! and No Way!  I was told I look about 25.  I will take it.  It really made me feel awesome about myself.

We started with a little mini 6 minunte workout that ended up being killer!  It was 3 burpees, 6 squats and 9 mountain climbers (each side).  Six minutes sounds short, but holy 6 minutes of those movements was way tougher than it sounded.

20 min AMRAP (team workout)

p1- 39 DB thrusters p2- wall sits p3- plate push

p1- 39 sit ups p2- v-sits p3- plank

p1- 39 body rows p2- bench dips p3- plank on a med ball

This was one of those wods where I didn’t really pay attention so in my mind we just did this once, then I saw people starting back at the thrusters and said to my one partner, holy shit- this is an AMRAP???  yikes!  We killed it, and got through the first round again.  I felt pretty awesome after and realize age is just a number.

I also started thinking after my disgusting dinner, why am I sabotaging myself.  I am feeling gross and self conscious lately and it’s totally my own doing.  Also, I read my bestie’s blog this morning and she mentioned how she is going to seriously focus and get her ass in gear because her wedding is in 60 days.  And then it dawned on me- I AM IN THAT WEDDING!!! I should probably get my own ass in gear too!  I packed a healthy lunch and healthy snacks and I am going to stop making excuses and just stay more focused on what makes me feel good.  I won’t be perfect, that’s for sure.  But I can definitely try a little harder.

Have a great day friends!  xoxo

Do you like your birthday?

Does getting older bother you?