My Dogs Are Barkin’!

Ok so this weekend was a busy one and my feet are SO SO sore, or as my bestie L says “my dogs are barking”. Ouch!  I made it the gym Friday just barely on time and we did some deadlifting, sets of 4 reps. I worked to 165 lbs. 



5-1 squat clean thrusters 

5 burpees 

It was 5 of the squat clean thrusters, then next round it was 4 and we laddered down. It was a killer!  I was hurting at the end of it. Then we did some ab stuff. 

Friday night we went out for a family dinner which was really nice and then I called it an early night.

 Saturday morning C went to her grandmas and I went to the gym. We had a team workout that really was a tough one. I was struggling to get through it. I hung out for a bit and had a nice chat with my coach. Then I decided I would go and treat myself to a manicure. 

I had to go in to work for a couple hours so after that J and I went for a couple beers at the pub. We had some errands to run and we got groceries before heading home to relax.  

just chillin’

Sunday morning we got up and J made me breakfast (he’s a keeper). I had a work function so I headed out to work on setting up for that. He actually came as well and helped set up. We had a great time at the event and we had a beautiful day for it. And it made my feet so sore but it was worth it seeing everyone have such a great time.  


Monday is here already. It happens so fast! 


What a Weekend!

For someone going into the weekend thinking it wouldn’t be too eventful it sure ended up being a pretty fun and busy one.  Friday it started with a trip to the gym where we celebrated our favourite day of the week – deadlift day. We did heavy singles to start and then did deficit deadlifts for reps. I had broke my PR with a lift at 215 and my coach told me to throw another 5 lbs on and I managed to pull a pretty solid 220 lbs!  

It felt amazing. I love how this video shows the encouragement and support at my gym. 


Run 400 m/ 200 m/ sprint/ 200 m / 400m 

After each run we did this circuit:

10 box step ups

6 front squats

6 push press

6 thrusters

5 burpees 

This was a pretty dirty workout for a Friday. It was hard. There was a 20 min cap but I finished it even when the clock went. I don’t like leaving it not done. 

Saturday morning I was working at the corn stand so I didn’t make the workout. I was feeling the effects of Friday’s workout so I was ok with not going.  

it was chilly out

Saturday was J’s baseball plays offs so we had the game and the team party at our place. It was a late late night. 

Sunday we had tickets we got last minute to go see the Buffalo Bills home opener game. We went early and tailgates and went to the game. The energy and the crowd was like nothing I’ve ever witnessed. They sure do love their team in Buffalo.   

All the excitement left me really tired and it was an early night to bed Sunday. Monday I was tired but had a productive day at work. I hit the gym after work and we did back squats for the strength. 


5 rounds

200 m run

10 goblet squats

10 pull ups

10 push ups

There was a 16 minute cap but again I went over but finished.  I felt really good and was glad I went instead of napping despite the earlier temptation. 

It was a pretty good start to the week after a busy weekend. And it was an early night to bed Monday to try and catch up. xoxo

Have you ever been to an NFL game? 

Weekend Feels

The weekend is off to a pretty great start. Friday after work I wasn’t able to make the class at the gym so I decided to take a rest day. I took full advantage of it and decided to do exactly that. I had a pretty awesome nap. The kind where you wake up and you are like what just happened?   

When I finally got myself together I made a quick dinner for C and I. J had to work late. Then C and I headed to her friends and picked them up and we went to a movie in the park. It was a big outdoor screen and we watched the movie Big Hero 6. If you haven’t seen it you really should. It was so sweet. 

Saturday morning was a regular gym morning. We did a team workout. 

P1- farmers carry, Sprint

P2- 5 front squats, 5 push press, 5 thrusters 

P3- 10 Russian twist, 10 sit ups, 10 crunches 

We did this for 20 minutes. I used 35 lb Dumbbells for the farmers carry and 55 lbs on the bar for the other lifts. Then we finished with a lunge and Sprint wod. 

After I got home and showered C and I got in the car and drove to my parents where we had lunch. My sister and her family were there for the day and we had a nice afternoon visiting and watching the Jays game.  C stayed there as she is staying with them for the week and I came home. I took the back roads and drove through the country and it was such a nice drive.  

country roads

I had the windows and down and the music up and it was a nice drive. For the evening we went to two different parties before heading home. It was a nice night. Now we have big baseball related plans for today so I must get my bluejay spirit on. 

Let’s go jays!! 

Feeling Grateful and So Sore

My poor legs and hips have been sore ever since our wod on Tuesday. I’m guessing it was the lunges because oh man my quads and my hips are killing me. My hips especially. I feel like an old lady. I didn’t let it stop me from going to the gym on Wednesday night. I had to go to a later class and bring C with me. She has been a good sport this week coming with me every day.  J was out for the evening so C and I would be on our own for dinner. When I got to the gym my friend told me she was meeting another girl from our gym for shawarma so C and I decided to join them. We had to get through the workout first. 

Strength was sets of two push press. It was supposed to be 2 front squats and 1 push press but since we both had such fried legs coach changed it to push press. We shared a bar and before I realized how much we were lifting I repped off 2 reps at 105 lbs!  I was pretty happy with that. 



5 dumbell presses from knees (each side)

5 Turkish get ups- just the first part, not getting all the way up – each side

5 push ups 

We did 4 rounds and it felt a lot harder than it sounded. We then headed to get dinner and meet up with our other friend. We had such a nice time together and when I got home and reflected on my evening all I could think was how lucky I am to have found a place I feel so comfortable and such amazing people.  I have made such wonderful friends there; friendships that have continued outside of the gym. I really do feel so grateful to have these people in my life. 


for me not the morning but still so very true

Thursday I woke up and I was still so sore in my legs and hips. It’s weird how it’s sore but it still kind of feels good. Like pride in how hard you worked. 

Thursday’s workout was also a good one. The strength I chose was strict press. We repped 5 and I worked up to 5 @ 70 lbs. not too shabby. 


P1- 800 m run  P2- abs

P1- 400 m run, P2- burpees

P1- 200 m run, P2- man makers

I liked this workout a lot. I love the ones where we run and do other stuff in between. I felt good running today. Maybe the eating healthy is paying off? 

Speaking of eating healthy we had this amazing dinner.  

homemade turkey burgers, grilled peppers and zucchini and guac

It was such a good dinner. J really is an amazing griller. The burgers were cooked perfectly and his zucchini is incredible. 

We finally made it to Friday friends!  That’s a reason to celebrate! 


Have you got anything planned for the weekend? 

We have a busy weekend ahead and I cannot wait!  

All the Naps 

I love those weekends where you really don’t have a lot planned. They end up being the best weekends. I feel like life has been crazy for us all lately and it was a nice treat to not have anything planned for a change. 

After our quiet Saturday evening I slept like a baby and even slept in a little bit.  I had breakfast and got myself ready to go back to the corn stand to help out again. C helped as well and it turns out her customer service skills are on point.  

bad hair dont care

We spent the morning there and then went to a BBQ at J’s grandparents house. After that we went for a ride in his Dad’s old convertible Mustang (I am really wishing I had a photo). We went to a bakery up the road and got a peach pie which I cannot wait to eat. 

When we got home everyone was just so tired. I sat down with a tea and didn’t even have one sip of it before I fell asleep. I ended up sleeping for a couple of hours!  That’s two naps this weekend!  I am not a big napper but I think I could get used to this.   

I didn’t want to be completely sloth like so I did some laundry and tried to organize things for the week. I made a batch of chia pudding for breakfast for myself, and prepped for C for the week for her camp. There was a long list of things for her to bring/ pack. 

Dinner was marinated flank steak and some roasted beets and brussel sprouts.  Can I just tell you guys how much I love beets?  Roasted they were so good. We also did some mushrooms up to go with it and this dinner was incredible.  

the. bomb.

We also enjoyed peach pie that we picked up earlier in the day which was so delicious. I love peach pie. It’s pretty much my favourite kind of pie and it’s in season right now. 

It was such a relaxing weekend and it was so much what I needed. I feel more refreshed and ready to take on the week. If only we could just have one more day though. xoxo

What is your favourite kind of pie?

Peach for me and when it’s not in season I like cherry a lot too. 

Prowler’s and Pitching In 

This has been a great weekend. Despite the fact that I had a short week at work it sure seemed to take forever. Thursday I hit the evening class at the gym and it was one of those workouts where it doesn’t sound like much and then it totally kicks your butt. The strength was back squats and I wasn’t feeling super strong. 


45 s each

1/2 burpees

Push up with arm rows

Sit ups

Ankle touches

We did 3 rounds of this and then rested for 45 s and then did another 3. It wasn’t very fun. When I got home J was making dinner and had grilled up an amazing meal for us.  

i think he’s a keeper

Friday there were no classes so I decided to go for a run. When I got home I was getting changed and I made the mistake of laying down and this happened. 


just leave me here
I did finally get up (after a short snooze) and I got ready to run. I wasn’t really feeling it but I knew I should just go and get out since it was a beautiful evening.  
reluctant but ready


It wasn’t a great run. My legs were heavy and I took a lot of walking breaks. But the thing is I went and that’s got to mean something. I could have just stayed in bed. 

Saturday morning I hit up the gym and our coach told us we were doing the beep test (sprints). He was met with a reluctant response so he decided to scratch that and put together a different workout. It. Was. Killer. 

In teams we did:

Prowler push

Heavy deadlifts 

10 push press/ box steps with high knees 

Basically as a team we rotated based on the timing of the prowler push. I used 145 lbs for my deadlifts and got about 2-3 off the ground per round. We used 15 lbs for our presses and they were mostly strict presses. The workout went for about 22 minutes. After we finished a friend and I decided to go enjoy a drink at Starbucks before heading home. 

The farm was short staffed for the weekend so I got to pitch in and I helped sell at the stand. It was a beautiful weekend and it was nice be outside. I actually had a lot of fun. C helped for a couple hours as well until she went to a sleepover at a friends.   

so peaceful
Both J and I were so tired after our busy day that we didn’t do anything during the evening. We got take out and enjoyed a quiet night in.  It was a pretty great start to the weekend. 

How has your weekend been so far? 


I Was on a Break 

I guess I accidentally took a blogging break there for a few days. I can’t say it was on purpose but I just didn’t have much I wanted to say really. I was doing well with my eating last week and feeling really good about it. The weekend was a bit of a different story but it always is. My workouts have been consistent and amazing so no update there. 

The weekend was a great one. C had spent the week prior with my parents so she came home on Friday so the three of us went out for dinner. Saturday I got up and we went to the gym where we did a partner workout that included squatting, farmers carry and a bunch of other movements. 

Saturday night we went out with friends for dinner and I managed to achieve waves in my hair for the first time since I cut it and I actually liked my chopped hair.  

Sunday we had my family over to celebrate our new porch and deck and we had an amazing BBQ. James made pork tenderloins and burgers and corn. I made a tomato salad that turned out really great. 

  James also made sautéed peaches and apricots which we served with whipped cream. Everything turned out so good and we managed to make it a pretty healthy lunch.  

Monday was back to being an adult and working and I wasn’t happy about it. I went to the gym after work and we did our August challenge which is 10 reps of back squats. I repped off 10 at 125 lbs. I impressed myself. ps did I tell you guys I was the winner of the July challenge?!  I won for my 10 reps at 90 lbs for the push press challenge. 


6 rounds

40 mountain climbers

10 push ups

10 air squats

12 sit ups

I felt pretty good after and ran a couple of errands before I headed home. It was pouring rain which made me crave something comforting so I treated myself to Starbucks. The evening was full of laundry and just watching tv. I also had a call with my bestie to discuss my visit with her later this week. More on this excitement later!! 

Was your weekend relaxing or busy?